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Bohol’s Never Fading Beauty

Bohol’s Never Fading Beauty

Traveling with Marx has always been on the laid back side. Being the cool and collected guy that he is, I learned to like his type of traveling through the years. For this year, our trip was set in the ever beautiful province of Bohol. He mentioned of wanting to stay in Panglao this time. I immediately agreed to be with him upon hearing the magic word which was beach. Beach means ‘Yes, I will go with you!’ This guy knows me pretty well.

It was my second time to visit this island province just below an hour from Manila by plane. My first foray to Bohol was in 2012, a year before the devastating earthquake of 2013 took place. It was now a privilege to be back in Bohol’s loving arms. I was just looking forward to have a slow paced vacation this time.

We had a weekend to spend in Bohol. And given that we weren’t Bohol first timers, I agreed on everything he suggested to do. Like sleeping in our bed all day, snuggling with our pillows, chilling, relaxing, gorging on delicious food. You name it.

Kidding aside, we were pretty blessed to have stayed in the grandiose Be Grand Resort – one of the newest and more upscale resorts in Panglao Island. After being cocooned in this quiet paradise, we ventured out to Alona Beach on our last afternoon. It was actually my first time there. And I was surprised that I liked what I saw. I remember my good friend commenting that the place had the charm of Boracay upon seeing our photo (a selfie) together. I glanced at it and I agreed with him. The beach was gorgeous even with a crowd and slightly overcast sky.

I wanted to take a dip but I had more than enough swim time back at the resort. I just enjoyed the scenery and people-watched. Most visitors were foreigners who obviously loved getting tanned. After some photo-ops, Marx and I scouted for a cheap place to have our snack.

Seeing how charming the beach can get (I bet only during off peak season) I thought of bringing my family here next time for a vacation. Bohol is indeed a jewel. I would love to visit again. 

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