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Boljoon’s Nuestra Señora de Patrocinio Parish Church

Boljoon’s Nuestra Señora de Patrocinio Parish Church
Boljoon is a heritage town. Boljoon Church or the Patrocinio de Maria Parish serves as the town’s main tourist attraction. The parish was established in 1599 while the present church was finished in 1873. A National Historical Marker stands before the church and is declared as a National Cultural Treasure.


The present church has only been completed in 1873 due to the centuries-long struggle with Moro pirates coming from Mindanao. A former parish priest in the name of Fr. Julian Bermejo, started the watchtower defense system in this part of Southern Cebu. It has been a success – resulting to the continued flourishing of Cebu’s coastal towns including Boljoon.


The town may be small but the church, one of the oldest in the province of Cebu, stands mighty at the town center. Built by the Augustinian Friars in the 18th century, the church and the convent, still both use red roof tiles until today. Sadly, some parts of the roof have already caved in due to natural calamities and the church’s age. After proper consultation with concerned parties, preservation efforts were done – modern roofing was applied to help salvage the original structure.
The cemetery beside the church

View of the church courtyard from the convent window

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