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Boljoon’s Past Inside This Balay

Boljoon’s Past Inside This Balay
Let us take a closer what’s inside this Balay (house). This is the ancestral home of a former Church Monsignor. This is a must-do when visiting Boljoon as one can take a peek from Boljoon’s cultural past. 

Weaving used to thrive here. Sadly, this culture has gone extinct as the younger people seemed no longer interested.

The evolution of the electric iron

Former Msgr. Bactotoy’s ancestral home which was built in the 1937. This has been turned into a museum which showcases the family’s and other Boljoanon’s personal collection.

The Monsignor’s family was into music. Several timeless instruments are perfectly preserved and are on display here.

I wonder who used to lit these lamps

What a beautiful teacup collection. Entrance to the museum is only at Php 20.

Ate Gemma shows me proudly her brother’s work 🙂

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