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Burot Beach

Burot Beach
It has been months since my last foray on the road and I was excited as a bumble bee when my itchy feet finally took their first step outside on a cool Sunday morning. I sent my friend a message a week before asking if she wants to hit the beach. She immediately said yes and suggested we visit Burot Beach upon seeing the nice photos across the web.

Since we are not living within Metro Manila, I found it hard planning our logistics since we hail from Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. Not wanting to arrive at sunset, we met and left at four in the morning and took the longer route by public transport.

I was beginning to see Jollibee everywhere since I did not have a decent breakfast. When we were in Sta. Rosa, I said to her that we will eat breakfast at Jollibee Calamba. While we were in Calamba, we agreed to just visit Jollibee in Lipa. However, our desire to know how to visit Calatagan the other way made us skip Jollibee Lipa and instead promised to ourselves to eat at Jollibee Lian. But lo and behold! We missed the store in Lian and apparently, there is no Jollibee in Calatagan.  

Chickenjoy forgotten, we went ahead and bought our lunch and dinner in Lina’s fastfood. We were supposed to cook our own food but we did not have the appropriate camp gears yet. We dropped by the small market and bought some fruits too. Once we alighted from our bus, we heard trike drivers shouting ‘Burot, Burot’ right away. For P 150 per trike, we were on our way to this Henry Sy-owned beach in less than 15 minutes.

The roads going to the beach are rough, making it hard for us to concentrate on trying to catch a glimpse of the sea between the mangrove trees. Since we went there on a Sunday, we met the other campers on their way back. This made us smile since it means the beach will be less crowded. We hoped to secure a nice camping spot.

We found one near the beach under the shade of a tree. We chose it as it was near the restrooms and sari-sari store. It was beach front and only costs P 20. 

After having our lunch, we spent the late afternoon inside our tent and rested. We attempted to steal some sleep but the unforgiving sun prevented us from doing so. As it was still too hot to take a dip, we killed time under the shade of some trees. We were glad to meet Ate Emm and her beau who were also in the area. Talk about unplanned meet-ups!
As the afternoon dragged on, we felt we were already there for a couple of days. Time seemed so slow. Staying in Burot Beach definitely made killing time a hard job. We enjoyed just watching the far seas as several big ships go to and fro. A handful of small boats lingered in the more shallow parts. A beautiful white sandbar can be seen from the higher parts of the terrain on that sunny morning. We did not go there as we were planning to return back to Burot Beach later in the summer.

A lone starfish

My desire to see the Cape Santiago Lighthouse was overpowered by my love of sunsets. Sure enough, the sunset here did not disappoint. The sun was hidden most of the time but it gave off a romantic feeling. It was not the perfect sunset I was hoping to see but it still made me look forward to doing stargazing later on.

The magnificent sunset at Burot Beach

The main camping site’s shoreline is rather short but secluded. Seaweeds can be found in some areas but the waters are relatively clean. It is an ideal beach camping experience for families with kids as the seabed gradually deepens. It is just a bit saddening that the beach is now privately owned and may soon be developed. I just hope it will be turned into a resort which is affordable to the general public.

Twinkling stars began peeking one by one as soon as the sun said goodbye. Their sight was calming and we truly enjoyed our slow dinner as we exchanged travel stories. We have only been there for six hours but it felt more like six days.

Burot Beach does not have El Nido’s intricate rock formation nor Panglao’s fine sand. But definitely, its simple beauty is more than enough to sate one’s need to unwind, to relax and to forget the hectic city life even for just some time.  

Burot Beach: a convenient and ideal getaway


Itinerary and Expenses

Day 1

4 AM
P 8    – House to Balibago Complex
P 23  –  Jeep, Balibago to Calamba
P 45   –  Jeep, Calamba to Lipa
P 35   –  Jeep, Lipa to Lemery 
P 80  –  Van, Lemery to Lian
P 30  –   Bus, Lian to Calatagan


ETA –  Calatagan Bus Terminal
P 150 – Food for two days (per person)
P 150 – Trike to Burot Beach (2 persons)
P 130 – Entrance fee
P 20  –  Tent fee

11 AM – Set up camp

12 PM  – Lunch
1 PM   – Rest
4 PM   – Swim | Beach-bumming
530 PM – Sunset viewing
6 PM – Dinner

Day 2

7AM – Breakfast | Swim

10 AM – Brunch

11 AM 

P400 – Trike, ETD for Lighthouse | Church | Park | Town Hall | Bus Terminal
        – 2 persons

12 PM 

P60  – Lunch @ Lina’s Fastfood

2 PM

ETD for Laguna
P 80 – Bus, Calatagan to Olivarez (Tagaytay City)
P 25 – Trike to Balibago (Sta. Rosa) terminal
P 40 – Jeep, Tagaytay to Balibago (Sta. Rosa) 

Estimated expenses (per person): P 1177

P 60 –  Entrance Fee (Day tour)
P 130 – Entrance Fee (overnight)
P 20   – Tent fee (if you have your own tent)
P 200 – Bonfire set-up 
P 70  –  Torch rental
P 300 – Tent rental
P 200 – Table rental
P 150 – Trike rental
P 100 –  Per head. Boat rental: sandbar, starfish island, corals
          – For 1-2 pax: P300 minimum payment
P 50  –  Henna tattoo 
P 25 –  Downtown trike fare

Contact Persons

0915.602.8907 – Mang Ramon or Ate Dolly (Caretakers)
0910.701.6812 – Kuya Jay (boatman) 
0947.271.7989 – Kuya Ayet (trike)

Please be advised that the above prices were the rates at time of our visit. It may change from the date of posting.

Other Places of Interest

Cape Santiago Lighthouse
Sto. Domingo De Silos Church


Town Plaza
Town Hall

It would have been cheaper if we went via the Tagaytay route. However, we left at 4 AM so we took the long route via Lipa. For those coming from the southern provinces, a direct van from Lipa City going to Lian is available at SM City Lipa Grand Terminal. 

The other day I was walking under Gil Puyat LRT station and I saw DLTBCo Bus offering a Nasugbu/Lian route.  I am just not sure if they offer this route permanently.



For those coming from Manila, you can take buses going to Lian, Batanggas (BSC Bus) near McDonalds in Pasay, near MRT Taft Station, alight at 7-11 Lian (located to your left) and take an ordinary bus going to Calatagan (P 30).  Alight at public market and hire/rent a trike going to Burot Beach.

According to my research, direct vans to Calatagan can also be hailed at the back of Kabayan Hotel in Pasay. Mang Ramon, the caretaker, said that you can contact them directly for trike rentals since their drivers are also the security guards in the area. Fee is also the same at P 150.

There are no accommodations in Burot. Bring lights for there is no electricity. Restrooms have been set-up but do not expect much.  There is also a small store is but prices are a little bit expensive.
Note that the last trip back to Manila is at 2 in the afternoon.

If you want a more secluded beach getaway, visit Burot beach on weekdays. 🙂 You can visit Lina’s Fastfood for those who do not have packed food. Rice meals start at around P50 and below. This is located along Ayala St. There are no big restaurants in Calatagan. If you want to explore Calatagan Lightouse, it may be better to do so in the late afternoon since you may catch the caretaker lighting up the parola. Boats plying the Calatagan-Puerto Galera route are located in Balung-Bato Port at P 500 per way. Travel time is about four hours.

Please be responsible citizens of this country.  Throw your trash properly.

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