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India Trip at a Glance

India Trip at a Glance

Ah, and finally my India series comes to a close. It seemed like years but it has just been several months since I came home from India. I am very grateful that I did not decide not to come here as I know I would regret it for the rest of my life. I still remember butterflies were dancing in my stomach as me and buddy Marx were waiting for our late afternoon flight to Bangalore. It was like meeting a potential boyfriend on a first date. Only this time, the love story is much better.

Brave in Bangalore

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

For what seemed such a long time, we encountered several bloopers before we finally settled down in our hotel in Bangalore. Here where was I had my first taste of everything Indian. From spicy food to seeing animal-drawn vehicles in the busiest parts of the city streets. Bangalore’s cool weather helped calmed the nervous me.
Basilica Bom Jesus

Old Goa definitely did not disappoint. In love with history, I am at awe as I wandered back through time upon setting foot on this historic once-Portuguese colony. The cathedrals are in such good condition that I almost looked for the many church-goers, hearing mass on a rather gloomy day. Countryside Goa’s charm made me miss my country’s, the Philippines, provincial life. Strolling along the shores of the Arabian sea was surreal. I imagined crossing the sea and reaching Africa no less. 
India Gate

Now I fell in love with India once we have arrived in Mumbai. The British influence was so evident in their architecture and in their main mode of transportation, the cab. I thought I was in London if not for the skin color of the people milling around me.

Udaipur sunset

Udaipur is where I ultimately found traveling to India as exotic as traversing the secret islands of the Philippines. Provincial and laid-back, the slow life in the City of Lakes almost convinced me to drop the rest of our India Trip and to just watch the majestic sunset, over and over again.

Chittorgargh Fort

Chittorgargh Fort was one of the most memorable trips of this journey. One day was not enough to appreciate its splendor as the complex is huge.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Now Jaipur is the called the Pink City but really, it is more of the red orange shade. More forts to visit here. We truly liked our one-day affair with her.  Hawa Mahal’s facade is just awesome to stare at, don’t you think?

Qutab Minar 

Our visit to New Delhi was the busiest stop we had. Here I was able to experience the famous Delhi Belly. Yes, I was victimized. No matter how careful we were, we got sick. India is really notorious. It will never let go of you.

Red Fort, Agra
Taj Mahal, Agra

Simply jaw-dropping. 🙂

Ganges River 

The dirtiest, the hottest and most chaotic. But mind you, I fell in love with Varanasi too.

Kolkata and Calcutta

Victoria Hall 

India is indeed amazing. A country so vast that it can take a lifetime of discovering its vast culture and rich history. I am in love with India and someday I see myself coming back here to fall in love once more. 
It has been a terrific journey. I look now and never regret taking this voyage into the un-chartered and unfamiliar territory. I hope you loved this travel series as much as I did. I thank God Almighty for giving me this opportunity.


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  • You know what hindi ko talaga nakikita ang India dito. Ibig sabihin lang niyan na when you think about India, think the other side too. Ang ganda e, alam mo ung taliwas.

    • Hello Neng, I believe with cautious preparation and planning, safe solo traveling is possible in India. We took the AirAsia flight from KL to Bangalore. Just watch out for seat sales! I suggest you stay in hostels as this would be really practical and cheap.

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