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Byaheroes.com: Making Your Traveling Life Easier

The Philippines’ public transportation system still has a long way to go compared to its Southeast Asian neighbors. As a frequent traveler, I have noticed the difference and take note how huge the impact will be in the tourism sector, and in the Filipino lives in general, if our country’s transportation system will be upgraded. For now, I can only hope and pray.

So when I found out about
Biyaheroes.com, I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was invited in its grand launching last 2nd of March. The activity was very fun and full of optimism as the owners discussed how they came about with this idea, what the new company has to offer and what is in store for the future.

Biyaheroes.com gives you the option of reserving your bus tickets online with just a minimal fee. A little amount on top of the bus fare wouldn’t hurt in exchange of the assurance that you will get the seats you want in a hassle free environment.  The online reservation system provides instant confirmation. Currently, you can pay via mobile banking, over-the-counter deposit, and payment 
centers like LBC, Cebuana Llhullier, SM Bills Payment through Dragonpay. Credit card payment is still in the works though.

Complimentary dinner served during the launch

You just have to exchange your voucher for the actual ticket via the Biyaheroes lane at the bus terminals. You can also plan your travels ahead and book six months in advance!

The brainchild of Mirra and friends, the company started about a year ago when they realized that they wanted a better traveling experience.

Their mission:  The best way to fall in love with the Philippines is to experience it. Biyaheroes fights for the right to explore our beautiful country with ease and convenience. We are starting a travel revolution by first making public transport better and more efficient for everyone. Gusto naming buhayin ang pagmamahal sa lupang sinilangan sa pamamagitan ng paglalakbay. –> This I really admire. 🙂 The ultimate squad goal is to provide everything needed for a great local adventure. We want to make tourism better and more sustainable for everyone with modern technologies and bayanihan. Biyaheroes taps into our local potential and creates a comprehensive travel platform that’s safe, trusted, and wonderful.

Left:  Co-founder Mirra Reyes being interviewed by the media
at the grand launching
Right: Me and Mirra after the event

If I were to travel anytime soon to the destinations currently offered, I’d sure try booking via 
Biyaheroes.com instead of falling in line at the often crowded and stuffy bus terminals. Booking is instantly confirmed and convenient for wanderlusters like me. This is really helpful if you decide to travel on a whim.

 – photos courtesy of Mai Flores

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