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The Azure Waters of Dahican Beach

The Azure Waters of Dahican Beach

It was my first official summer adventure for 2016. My last beach escapade was end of May last year where my red tail ended in the contested Spratly Islands in PalawanI was excited for my first air travel this year. Me and friend Marx met at 4 AM in Pasig and was whisked off to the airport for free by his grab taxi promo code. Arriving at the airport, the line for the self-check in facility was long but the check-in counter was even longer than usual. It was a Saturday so I was guessing many were off to take their much-needed short vacation for summer has officially started.Our flight was delayed for an hour and a quarter there off.

The sun was high up when we reached Davao City. After grabbing a quick lunch, we paid for our tickets and sat quietly at the back part of the van. A couple of hours later, the road got steeper, was winding and I glimpsed a view of the high seas. A part of our journey reminded me of Batanes. And it excited me to go out and see the beach.

However, more than half a day of traveling took its toll. We settled in our lodging at 3 PM and promised to explore at 4 PM.  Instead, we woke up at 8 PM, rejuvenated but hungry. It was very dark outside and the clouds were tempting to spill their tears.

Bringing my flash light with me, Marx and I trudged the poorly lit pathway towards the main road. Earlier, I did not notice any restaurants at this part of Mati. We were hoping to eat at a small carinderia somewhere. But I think we should have brought out food from the city. Our hostel could have cooked for us but it was only until 7 PM.  

After walking for ten minutes, we saw a small hut which turned out to be a sari-sari store. We asked if they know any place we could grab a bite. The persons manning the store doesn’t speak in my vernacular but we ended up understanding each other. He said that we have to back to the city proper if we like to eat at restaurants and that it was a long way from there. Luckily, he contacted someone who was still up and offered to cook for us. There was a sleeping karaoke machine at the store. Spending only two pesos a song was a true bargain so we sang till we dropped while waiting for our food.

We were met by slight drizzle on our way to our room. After cleaning up, we retired on our separate beds with the whispers of the wind lulling us to sleep. It was a lazy day. We were still tired. We said good night and turned in for the night.

The following day, we also had a slow start. I guess that’s just life in the province noh? You sleep early then you can wake up late. I truly missed that! But we only had a day to spend in Dahican so I reluctantly woke Marx up. It was already past nine when we began to see the real beauty lurking behind the tall coconut trees.

This was what greeted us! We really had a good morning. Though it was scorching hot, the wind coming from the seas was actually cool. And Dahican’s waves were crazy! 

 The azure waters of Dahican Beach are simply mesmerizing

We stayed for most of the day in Menzi beach. Dahican has a long coastline which is perfect for beach-walking, lazing under the sun or just riding the rolling waves. We did not mind the unforgiving sun.  We focused solely on the beauty of the place. The aqua blue seas will captivate you. But wait till you actually get in the water! It’s churning and rolling and will eat you alive! Better than any roller coasters I have ridden in! Haha! 

How To Get To Mati City and Dahican Beach
Any airline to Davao City. From Davao City airport, you can hire a cab and asked to be dropped off at Victoria Plaza Mall van terminal. Vans leave every hour from 7 AM with fare currently set at 220 pesos for a three-hour ride.  You can also go out to the national highway and hail a jeepney towards Victoria Plaza Mall. Fare is uber cheap at only 12 pesos.

Once in Mati City proper, hire a trike towards your lodging. We rented the whole trike at 150 pesos (you can also haggle) for the 8 km ride to Dahican Beach.

Where to Stay in Dahican 
We chose to stay in Surf Village Inn during our visit. The inn have rooms good for two at P 1000 with shared bathroom including breakfast. The one with private bathroom costs P 1300.  

The room is pretty basic but it sure is more than comfortable enough after spending a whole afternoon doing different activities.

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