Move Forward and Never Be Still

Lazing in La Union

The mermaid has finally swished her tail in the seas of La Union.

Yes, a brief visit to this province has made me appreciate it more. I only used to pass by it when I visit the more popular Ilocos provinces.
My friend and I spent a day lounging on the shores of Urbiztondo, San Juan. There were not much waves so we just frolicked and spent time resting on the shore. Good thing that the sun was up. I had a slight burn but was not enough to make my skin ache. We even met a friend whom I last seen over a year ago.

One of the art works on display inside the restaurant 

In the early evening, we dined in Halo Halo de Iloko restaurant in San Fernando. It was a lovely diner as it showcases Filipino culture through its muebles and fixtures. The facade is most captivating at night. From the name itself, visitors keep coming back for their halo-halo. A fiesta size is already good for two persons. 🙂

Fried balut. Waaah!

Before I went back to Manila to report for work the next day, we passed by the city proper and found a night market set up near the city hall. A beauty pageant was about to start too. A stage was set in the town plaza. We feasted on street foods such as
kwek-kwek and Barbeque of different kinds. We were tempted to taste fried balut but a not-so-good childhood memory with it prevented me from doing so.

It was a day well-spent. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed my brief stay in La Union. Till next time.

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