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Cabanatuan City’s Hapag Vicentico’s

Cabanatuan City’s Hapag Vicentico’s

I am a sucker for old houses. So when I learned of this charming Filipino restaurant from a friend who has been here before, I knew it won’t be long before I will be visiting it myself.

The interiors have lots of old stuff

After touring
Cabanatuan City proper, I brought my family at Hapag Vicentico’s for a late lunch. It was worth the wait as the food was served warm and delicious. It was our first time to dine here so we didn’t know what to order at first. But since we were all hungry, we ordered three viands plus a bowlful of rice good for four persons.

While waiting for our food, our took a quick tour inside the restaurant compound and I smile in every turn. Seeing old things made we wonder a about its history. If only these things could speak!

Beef Kaldereta – Php 275

Quoting from the restaurant’s website: A once abandoned old residence in one of the main streets of Cabanatuan City was transformed into an elegant and stylish restaurant in over a year. Bit by bit, piece by piece, each and every detail of VICENTICO’s was put into perfection. Named after the patriarch, Engr. Jose Vicente “Tico” Salazar Jr., it was catchy, different and gave the restaurant a unique tang of class and stature, indeed the perfect name for the perfect family restaurant. After a decade of offering a vast array of menu options that suit all palets and budget, made this the restaurant to go to for exceptional creativity and mouth watering native dishes, and thus propelled Vicentico’s into the spotlight.

Now Hapag Vicentico’s, “Ang Hapag kainan ng bawat Novo Ecijano”, Vicentico’s is the only Hapag kainan in the province that has the ability and facility to provide an all inclusive Pinoy style dining experience.

Hapag Vicentico’s is passionate to provide personal, professional and hands on services with its good food, great service and unforgettable experiences the Pinoy way.

 I could live here

Make sure to visit Hapag Vicentico’s if ever you will find your way in
Cabanatuan City. Harvest Hotel, where I stayed, is also just within five minutes from the historical landmarks mentioned above.

Hapag Vicentico’s

1077 Del Pilar Street
Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

Telephone: (044) 600-3237
Telefax: (044) 463-0452


email: info@vicenticos.com

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