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Endless Water Fun at Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park

Endless Water Fun at Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park

It seems that inflatable water parks are the craze lately. I first saw it on TV and it appeared to be super fun. Well, it not only seemed an enjoyable place to be, I think playing in a water park requires lots of energy and stamina!I proved this to be extremely true when I joined 3M Automotive Tint’s road trip invite to experience Club Balai Isabel’s Aqua Park in Talisay, Batanggas.

The weather is good for some water adventure! 😎⛱🏖 #aquaparkbalaiisabel #clubbalaiisabel #aquapark #beattheheat #ponderingpaodaolei #thmermaidwanders

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The maximum play time is only an hour. At first I thought that one hour was too short a time to fully explore all the Aqua Park’s courses. It turned out that this was actually just enough since walking on sturdy-looking inflatables weren’t easy. Your sense of balance should be good or else you will find yourself plunging in the surrounding waters.

Before being allowed to enter the water park, you will be given a short run down on what to avoid. You will also be provided with life vests as this is a must for every one even if you know how to swim. You can choose a life vest that fits you perfectly. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to have your vest up your neck after hurling yourself down the giant slide. It would be an uncomfortable feeling I bet.

Photo taken using Supremo 4K Action Camera.

Since the inflatables were wet and slippery, wearing aqua shoes definitely helped in my navigation. For those afraid of heights, I suggest doing the giant slide first before exploring the rest of the park. The angle was quite steep but once you’re down the slide, all fear will disappear immediately.

Me and my new friends. 😉
Photo taken using Supremo 4K Action Camera.

Too bad for me, I accidentally deleted all the videos that I have taken using my
Supremo 4K Action Camera. So for now, I can only recall that exhilirating feeling of tumbling down the slide from the photos I was able to save.

Getting to Club Balai Isabel will be more convenient if you have your own vehicle as the location is roughly two hours from Manila. If do you have your own wheels, you can make you travel during sunny days much more bearable with 3M™ Automative Tints. There are different variants available for you to choose from
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Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park

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