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Enjoying Traveling Through Motor Biking

Enjoying Traveling Through Motor Biking

I used to frown upon people who owns a motor bike, a scooter or things which were similar in nature. It’s maybe because of all those gruesome accidents I hear on the news. Here in the Philippines, being a tropical country, where the weather is sunny most of the time, many travelers either own a motorcycle or at least know someone who rides one. I am not yet keen on learning how to drive one, but having mastered cycling a few years back opened the idea of trying it someday.

Bikes in Pai

Motor biking may not seem to be a popular mode of transport for most travelers. But for the more adventurous ones, this is one practical and cheap way to explore new places. I do not own a motorcycle but my father has one. If our car is at the shop, he fetches me using his blue one. But just like regular clothing, it’s subject to wear and tear. And of course maintenance does not come cheap that’s why he often looks for second hand cheap motorcycle parts to save on the costs. But while I observe that he scrimps on some bike accessories, he does away in buying cheap tire brands. The best Michelin tires for motorcycles is what he prefers.

Me and my friend in HCMC, Vietnam

Camiguin island was another trip I wouldn’t forget. It’s a mountainous island and the terrain was not suitable for the regular four-wheeled vehicle. My decision to hire a motorbike was a good one since we were able to circle all the spots in just two days.

And of course I wouldn’t forget my Saigon tour where there were literally hundreds of motor bikes on the streets. While riding a motor bike is truly risky, I realized that with proper preparation and exercising caution, it can still both be safe and enjoyable. 

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