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Camiguin’s Ancestral Houses

Camiguin’s Ancestral Houses
I grew up in tiny houses, though livable, doing so made me dream to have my own someday. Grand, spacious and airy – similar to a Disney castle, quite like in the article I read (click here). Or at least close to those types. However, my love of old houses only deepened when I visited the Island Born of Fire last summer. I found myself once again mesmerized as I stared open-mouthed at
each old home I passed by. 

More old houses.

And old houses still.

Camiguin truly has a lot to offer. Aside from its vast natural wonders, it also boasts of historic old houses that some would think they would not find in this tiny province. Dream on and savor the past by staring at these magnificent homes. I absolutely enjoyed the ample time spent when I did so. I hope that the families will continue their part in preserving their beautiful homes. These are definitely irreplaceable national treasures.


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