Move Forward and Never Be Still

Realizations of a Pondering Mermaid

The past three years have been successful for me. I am privileged to have traveled with different kinds of people who are all cool and fun to be with. I feel good every time I go home from each of these travels. But then, it seems that there is still something missing. As hard as I try to remember a solitary memory, the picture would always come up as blurred or faded in the edges.

In three decades of existence, I still have the time and strength to take on the road less traveled. To go out of my comfort zone and to fully spread my wings.  

I am contemplating on dropping my planned getaways and just go with the flow. You see, just thinking about it causes me to grin foolishly. #hahaha.

Looking back, I terribly miss my Camiguin adventure as I went to Mindanao for the first time there and it was all on my own. I yearn for that feeling once more. This time the longing is so strong it’s as if I am waiting for the sun to rise at twelve midnight.

I have become a mermaid. But nobody can say that a mermaid can’t have wings. I will fly above the seas. And I will soar up high. 

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  • I couldn't agree more. Well thought out, Pau! Do whatever pleases you. You are the master of your destiny, and of the seas. 🙂

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