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Chinese Visa Application for Filipino Tourists

Chinese Visa Application for Filipino Tourists

I have bigger travel aspirations this year. And as part of my personal goals, I ticked another item off my bucket list, that is to travel to China. I used to evade questions on when I plan to visit my paternal grandfather’s homeland. As he died before I was born, I felt no immediate familial connections with him at all. However, China’s aggressive tourism promotions, as well my friend’s visit there, convinced me that perhaps I have to see China for myself before giving my final judgment.

After deciding on Shenzhen as my first destination in Mainland China, I booked my airline ticket and hotel reservations since these are both required in applying for a Chinese tourist visa. Here I have listed what you need to submit if ever you consider visiting China for tourism purposes.

I applied for a visa a little over three weeks before my scheduled flight. I passed my requirements on a Tuesday and got it four working days later.

This is what a Chinese visa looks like


Come early to avoid longer wait time.

Steps on Applying for a Chinese Tourist Visa:

1. Fill-out the application completely and truthfully in BOLD English letters. Write N/A on sections not applicable to you. If you need more writing space, you can attach a separate sheet and properly label the items. You may edit the application form online (I uploaded it through www.pdfescape.com and downloaded a PDF version afterwards). Print the online application form in A4 sized paper and paste a photo id (recent photo taken within the last 6 months, with white background, 48mm x 33mm in size without head covering). Remember that the ID must be glued and must not be stapled, taped or clipped. You can download the application form here. For specific photo requirements, click here.

2. Proceed to the Chinese Consulate in Makati. Their address is at:
Consular Section,
2nd Floor, The World Center
330 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue
Makati City, Metro Manila.

3. At the 2nd floor entrance, fall in line and proceed to the guard and ask for a number. You will be asked to show your visa application form. Your last name and number will be written on the small paper. If you come in a group, you will only be given one number. Check the counters written on the stub (mine were counters 4 and 5) and monitor the brackets displayed on the windows. Numbers are called by batch e.g. 70-75. I was given number 74.

Present this together with your documents at the counter.

Once your batch is up, proceed to your designated lane and submit your documents together with your application number slip to the personnel in charge. The staff will then check your documents to make sure they are complete. Afterwards, you will be given a pink claim stub.

4. Come back on the date indicated on your claim stub. Just like before, get a queue number from the guard on duty and wait for your turn at the cashier. After payment, you will be given another stub to be presented at the releasing counter. You have to fall in line for passport releasing. You will notice a guard assisting the seated applicants near the entrance. Passport releasing counter is just beside the cashier.

I went to the Consulate on a Wednesday arriving at around 9:20 AM. I finished the process at about 10:40 AM. There were a large volume of applicants so it’s better to arrive earlier.

Visa Application and Pick-up

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 11:00
Inquiry: 0063-2-8482395
(Working Day 09:00 – 12:00, 13:00-16:00)
Email: phchinaembassy@hotmail.com

Visa Fees


  1. Do you really need to have Php 100,000 in your bank account for show money? – I have read in many travel blogs that there is not really a requirement for this. But several big travel agencies require to have at least Php 100,000 in your bank account before applying for a Chinese visa. However, based on some of my friends’ experiences, they had lower than this amount but their application got approved. I guess it would really depend on the consul and on your banking history. My best bet is to have a solid transaction history (more credit than debit) and to just follow the rules (if are applying via an agency). Submit supporting financial documents if need be.
  2. How long till you got your passport back? – I got my passport four working days from the date of my application. I filed my application at the consulate on Feb 13 and I got my passport back on Feb 18 (excluding Saturday and Sunday) which is a Monday.
  3. How much did you pay? – I only paid Php 1400.00 since I applied directly at the embassy.
  4. Can I apply at the embassy directly? How about via a travel agency?– Yes, you can apply directly at the embassy. If you will be applying via a travel agency, do note that they impose a separate processing fee on top of the visa fee charged by the embassy. Processing fees differ per travel agent so better check with your agency how much they will charge you.
  5. Do I really need to submit 6 months worth of bank statement? – The embassy website listed this as one of the requirements. However, my bank was only able to provide the last 3 months for on the spot requests. This was what I submitted and I had my visa approved. However, if you prefer submitting this one, you can request your 6 month bank statement ahead from your bank since this takes longer (usually 7-10 banking days) to be processed.

My Application Checklist (employee)

  • Passport/s: New and previous passport(s) if you have one.
  • Photocopy of your recent passport’s bio page and emergency contact page
  • 2 colored ID pictures. 1 pasted on the application form. The other one to be submitted along with your requirements.
  • Completed visa application form in printed in A4 paper. Signed.
  • Round trip airline tickets
  • Hotel reservation
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Photocopy of BIR 2316 or ITR
  • Photocopy of Company ID
  • Original Certificate of Employment
  • Original Bank Certificate of Deposit
  • Original Bank Statement

My Application Timeline

  • February 13 – Submitted my documents at the embassy.
  • February 18 – Collected my passport (with approved visa).

It only took me four working days to get my passport back with an approved single entry visa. I chose to come mid-week because I thought coming on a Monday might be busier. It is advisable to come in before the start of office hours as the volume of applicants grow by the day.

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