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Coffee Break by the Lake at Cafe Lago

Coffee Break by the Lake at Cafe Lago
Cafe Lago facade
The courtyard

The cafe, which is also part of the famed Viaje del Sol, is very charming and unassuming. It has a small courtyard suited for intimate gatherings. Lush foliage surrounds the cafe inside and out. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The interiors are beautifully painted

Sampaloc Lake framed by the cafe’s large window

A small rustic cafe situated in a quiet location facing Sampaloc Lake, Cafe Lago is cozier and lovelier in the evenings. However, due to schedule conflicts, I decided to visit the cafe in the morning where fewer customers are expected.

Other customers doing some photo shoot

Having a break by the lake is really soothing. A combination of fresh air and a relaxed atmosphere will definitely calm your nerves. You don’t need to order expensive meals! An expensive (for me) 45-peso cup of coffee will do. 

Cafe Lago Menu

How To Get Here

From Cubao/Pasay/Manila, ride buses plying for the Lucena/Bicol route. Ask the conductor to drop off you off at the fork in San Pablo going to the town proper. Ride a jeepney with signage San Pablo at Php 8 each. From the fork or from the town proper itself, you can hire a trike going to Tahanan Ni Aling Meding. You can also walk from here going towards  Sampaloc Lake. Facing Sampaloc Lake, walk to your left and you will find Cafe Lago several lots before Tahanan Ni Aling Meding.

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