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Lucy and Elsie Cuisine

Lucy and Elsie Cuisine

I have been frequenting the southern towns of Laguna ever since I called this province home almost a decade ago. I have went as far as Liliw and even dropped by at Majayjay. Nagcarlan, the neighboring town,also boasts of several tourist spots worth mentioning. However, I have discovered a nice dining place in the lesser known town of Rizal.

I was smiling at first when I heard that some names of the baranggays in this 5th-class municipality is named after the actual towns of Rizal province like Antipolo and Taytay. A relative of a friend lives here so we used to visit this place often.

En route to Nagcarlan and Liliw several years back, we first visited Lucy and Elsie’s cuisine when it was just a simple but cozy eatery in the area. Upon stepping inside its grounds, I quickly fell in love with it because the place is filled with Pinoy decorations and even a few pieces of antique furniture. Having dinner on the second floor of the main building, which sort of looked like an oversized nipa hut, is a must. I can still imagine the hot soup of my all-time favorite Sinigang na Baboy (sold at only P200 good for 4 persons)  warming my stomach with the cold breeze passing through its large windows. A meal in the morning comes with a refreshing view of a nearby hill.

Lucy and Elsie cuisine is located along the national road. Public jeepneys ply the route San Pablo to Liliw. Coming from San Pablo City, the restaurant is located on the right side, a few blocks past Rizal Municipal Hall. 

At present, the restaurant lawns have now been landscaped and manicured. A tiny nipa hut is sitting on the side. Parents can let their little children play in the mini playground. I think it would be better if they will couple it with history lesson stating that this is the traditional home of our forefathers. Appreciation for what a Filipino is is really a must for the younger generation nowadays.

Restaurant grounds

Covered tables have also been built in the restaurant compound. Over the years, the owners have built a function hall just adjacent to the lot where wedding receptions or meetings can be held. Lucy & Elsie Cuisine also offers catering services.

Whenever we dine here, my meal will not be complete without the following: Sinigang na Baboy, Pork Shanghai (15 pcs at 70 php) and their own version of Hototay. Rice is served in a mini-platter at Php 25 which is already good for two. Other notables dishes are the Tengang Kawali and Adobong Manok. Their menu mostly consists of original Filipino home-cooked dishes.

Antique iron and sewing machine on display
Shanghai rolls, Hototay and Adobong manok

Due to my numerous visits, I have made friends with the real Aling Lucy. Since I am now their avid suki, they let us dine one time when the restaurant was actually close for the afternoon. We saw Aling Lucy going up the stairs with the gates closed. When she saw us tailing her, she kindly told us that they were actually having a family activity. When she could have just told us to visit again next time, she still warmly welcomed us and let us eat. She said we will be in the hands of her relatives and even apologized for not being there to personally serve us. Talk about pure Filipino hospitality!

With the very welcoming Aling Lucy

When I hang out in these southern Laguna towns, I will always have my lunch here and order the same meals over and over again. Hey, a little, cute, ahem, I mean girl needs to eat too. It is very tiresome to go town-hopping when you are admiring the Underground Cemetery in nearby Nagcarlan, window-shopping for shoes in Liliw and deciding if I already got lost in Majayjay.

Main dining hall

How to get here

From San Pablo City, ride jeepneys bound for Liliw/Nagcarlan. The terminal is across San Pablo Cathedral, past the fire station. Fare at less than P20 per head.

Contact Information
FB: Lucy and Elsie Cuisine

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