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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Me and my family have adopted this city as our hometown for more than a decade now. Sadly, a few years back, when Nuvali was still virtually unheard of and Enchanted Kingdom was the most famous two-word phrase anyone can think in relation to Santa Rosa, no one knows her little secrets yet.

1.  Fresh Air


Before Nuvali and numerous subdivisions sprouted like mushrooms in the higher terrain of the city, acres and acres of un-utilized land can be appreciated. Fifteen years ago, drag-racing is popular along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay highway. Yes, that was how scarcely populated this part of Santa Rosa once was.

Santa Rosa still enjoys the cool breeze coming from Tagaytay highlands specially during Christmas season. I am glad that most of the real estate developers did a great job of incorporating the communities into Mother Nature and not vice versa. Families who decided to live here can still enjoy the comfort of modern life in the midst of a natural setting.

2.  Fun and Entertainment

Enchanted Kingdom is almost 20 years old. I still remember the path going to EK was grassy, a bit unpaved and clutter-free. Paseo de Santa Rosa used to be one strip only. The block which houses Pancake House Restaurant, Mercury Drug Store and the various sports outlets used to be the only one standing. Oh, how time flies by indeed.

Live bands perform during weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) at Paseo de Santa Rosa. Seasonal activities are also promoted during summer, Halloween and Christmas. Picnic areas, boat rides, wake-boarding activity and nature trails are also found in nearby Nuvali. An events place and various sporting activity are also hosted by Nuvali. Take note of fun runs that we see in the news and weddings of the rich and famous.

3.  Shopping Mecca

Numerous malls, bazaars and outlet stores announced Santa Rosa City as their new home. I have read somewhere that the Villar group of companies is planning to build a mall complex at a nearby city but is just a drive’s away from this here. Yes, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the day.
4.  Heritage Homes

Santa Rosa City boasts of several well-preserved structures. Good to know that her prominent families e.g. Zavalla, Tiongco etc. took initiatives to preserve their ancestors’ home and pride. Most of these ancestral homes are found in the streets surrounding the town plaza.

Zavalla Ancestral Home with Santa Rosa de Lima Parish Church’s at the backdrop

5.  Heritage Structures
An old church, the old town hall turned to city museum and the old city arch. Need I say more?

Santa Rosa Arch

So the next time you visit Sta. Rosa, please bear in my mind that it is not just about those stomach-churning rides at EK and those pa-sosy events. Sta. Rosa has a deep soul. Every traveler should just learn how to discover it.

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