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A Rejuvenating Time at White Palace Spa

A Rejuvenating Time at White Palace Spa
Visiting spas was not a leisurely option for me. For some reason, I ignore these establishments as my idea of spas somehow relate to shady activities. I think that is because of the negative news I hear in the past.

However, that all changed when I had my first ‘pampering experience’ at White Palace Spa. I did not realize how fun and relaxing it could be until I had my first full body massage, foot spa and foot reflex all in one sitting.

The newest branch of White Palace Spa in Parañaque

Me and my friends visited the youngest of White Palace Spa’s six branches in Parañaque. We started at six PM and left at a little past ten. I did not expect it could take that long. I bet having sessions at this branch will be more enjoyable because they have a lounge where you can hang-out and stay before and after. You can have coffee or tea while watching tv or chatting with your ‘spa buddies’. This branch they say is more spacious and bigger than some of their other branches.

If my feet could only speak, I think they would have said a million thank yous to me. 

This is really relaxing

I thank Ate Marie (hope I got this right) for being really attentive. She really knew what she was doing and she was definitely an expert. I was constantly supressing my laughing because it was really ticklish. We had a few good laughs every time I try to hide my giggles. 

Large groups can have a ‘Sparty’ here!

Maybe because it was my first time, but at times the pressure got a little hard. Nonetheless, it was worth it as my feet and legs truly had a grand time. My feet were soft to the touch. It has been so long having that sensation due to years of non-stop traveling. I think I made a mental note to have foot spa from time to time.

I thought we were already finished but our friendly attendants led us to the another room with dreamy lights. I felt sleepy once I laid face-down in bed. 

This Executive Room is good for couples, partners and friends

I changed to a bathrobe and was treated to a relaxing, full-body massage. My sore muscles had their much-needed re-awakening. It was really relaxing.

White Palace Spa currently has six branches. The good news is they are planning to open more soon to reach more customers.

The courteous staff of White Palace Spa

I thank Mr. JC Valdepenas and staff for their very warm reception. I hope someday a branch will open near my home in Laguna. 


White Palace Spa
4F, Global Aiport Plaza MIA Road
Corner Roxas Blvd., Parañague City
(Across Uniwide Coastal Mall, beside KFC)

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