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The Zippier Zambawood

The Zippier Zambawood

Finally, after more than a year.  Me and my blogger friends were able to visit the Zippy Zambawood once more.

It was after the summer months and we took advantage of our 3D-2N visit to have a chance to bond and relax in one of the coolest resorts I have been to.

Though not much has changed since, I’d say that the resort grounds is more organized, more serene and definitely more pleasing to the eyes.

I definitely missed the pool! Where taking selfies underwater is awesome because of the perfect lighting. I did not forget my red mermaid tail of course.

The food, just like before, still tastes great. From cooking, to presentation, eating was a wonder to our senses. We did a number of activities on our first day. We graced the official launching of Zambawood Cafe, had several food-tasting events, a special barista session and a cooking demonstration hosted by none other than Julyan.  

Surfing was on our list of our activities but the waves had a vacation.  So we just spent our last day frolicking in the warm infinity pool.  

As of today, Zambawood boasts of the following:

• Zambawood Boutique Resort 
• Julyan’s Pine Beach Farm 
• Zambawood Cafe (Art – Surf – Bar)
• Zambawood Shop – selling beachwear clothing, artisan accessories products and bottled food harvested from our farm

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Harrison, Julyan’s main pillars of strength

Please know that Zambawood was born out of the great love of a mother for her child with special needs.  Ms. Rachel Harrison, Founder and Creative Director, aptly states:
Zambawood Resort is a social enterprise and turned one in July. We aim to delight you with excellent services and products in a calming, environmental friendly, five star boutique lifestyle atmosphere. But that is not where it ends as we also have a vision to
be internationally renown for our support of adults with autism and other disabilities (which we like to call “exceptional adults”) in the work place. Our corporate “mission” is simply to give “Fun & Purpose” in a sustainable way to adults with autism (and naturally also to our guests, staff and other stakeholders).  
Our business enables the “exceptional adults” to have activities and find greater meaning in their lives through our vocational and artisan training programmes. As their skills and confidence increase, they are assured of meaningful life long work in the Zambawood family. The exceptional adults receive their training and master their skills through the help from our professional team. These include our service staff, farmers, chefs, hospitality/service trainers, artists, sports coaches and more – many of whom give their time without charge. These wonderful members of our family make a massive contribution and give us
much heart.

Julyan, together with Teacher Ricky and Mommy Rachel
proudly shows us his cooked Pinakbet!  

Julyan was the one who did all the preparation 
for this cooking presentation held at Julyan’s Pine Beach Farm
And yes, Julyan is one good-looking young man. 😀

Staying in Zambawood will not only create cherished memories. As you explore its verdant surroundings, one could feel that this home, this resort or paradise, whatever you may call it, is thriving because of such love. 
And that is a great cause to support, isn’t it?

The chic Zambawood store
Zambawood proudly supports local artistry 

Zambawood now boasts of a trendier image. But not to the point of being flashy. Zambawood still feels like home. Fresh, colorful in form. 

One fine afternoon by the West Philippine Sea
Cocktails and drinks were served by the ever-focused Zambawood staff
It was a good time for chill talks and endless tales

Definitely a Zippier Zambawood.

Zambawood is on Facebook and on Instagram – @Zambawood
Purok 1B, Barrio a Paz, San Narciso, Zambales

Singapore   +6597738976
Philippines  +639159914715 
Manila         +6324018776

Feel free to contact us by landline or mobile during business hours: 8AM-5PM Mon-Fri. Beyond hours, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you promptly.

For reservations and inquires, you may contact the following persons:

Sid Grumo | PR and Markerting – sid@zambawood.com 
Ivy Gonzaga | Special Events – ivy@zambawood.com 

Ken Nuñez | Prices and Availability –ken@zambawood.com Ms. Rachel Harrison | Founder and Creative Director – rachel@zambawood.com

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