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Going Home

The morning of our tenth day was spent on a short walk along Khao San Road. We were to go home later that afternoon back to the Philippines and we really could not believe the trip was actually coming to an end. It was surreal and unreal. A bit sad but my friend Chie and I breathed a sigh of relief that we were kept safe from harm and no unwanted events (almost!) happened along the way (read the first parts of this series).

We went for a short walk and drank in the early morning sleepiness of this world-famous street. I was glad to find Teletubby (find out on the next part of this series) lazily sunbathing on the warm cement. Our flight was scheduled at 4:40 PM. We signed up for shuttle bus going to Suvarnabhumi Airport at one of the travel agencies we found along Khao San road at 130 THB per person. Though we were able to scour others offering this at 100 THB only. You will need to pay upfront and choose the pick-up time.  Note that they are very strict with the pick-up time since you will not be the only guests taking advantage of this service. The van will stop at several guesthouse picking up other visitors along the way.

We arrived at the airport around 1 PM and we still have lots of time to kill before our late afternoon flight. Armed with the few bahts we have, we waited first for the check-in counter to open so we will not worry of anything later on. I was angry at myself because I did not remember right away that we booked our flight with Tiger Airways but we booked via www.flyseair.com. We were falling in line at the check-in counter of Tiger Airways. Good thing Chie inquired and we were redirected to the correct counter.

Wandering about, I admired this airport’s airy interior.  Its builders were obviously mindful in their planning which is evident in the way the counters are aligned, signs are visible all through out the lobby and the wide walkways. We also noticed that despite the ultra-modern environment, the Thais always have a way of honoring their culture and heritage. 4.40 PM arrived and we were called on to embark on our plane back to the Philippines Islands.  Surely those last ten days will always be part of travel-related conversations in the years to come.

Day 10 Itinerary and Expenses

130 Baht – Van to Suvarnabhumi Airport
50 Baht – Snack

Sub-total: 180 Baht or 239.191

40 PHP – van to Bus Terminal
150 PHP – bus fare from Dau to Cubao (estimated because I forgot :-D)
57 PHP – Bus back to Sta. Rosa, Laguna
8 PHP – Jeep to house

Sub-total:  255 PHP

Total: 494.191 PHP

conversions done via oanda.com

4 thoughts on “Going Home”

  • Aside from the misadventure, which i also don't hate after, this is the part of traveling that i hated the most… Ending it. =( surely i long to see my family, girlfriend and i gotta hug my pillow and swim again on my bed but the fact that i am going to my norms and face life again as it is, is a little bit sad at one moment. The only thing i like about ending it is that i gotta write and tell stories on my blog again… hehe…

    • so true Jherson! Pwede na huwag na lang matapos ang trip? But then everything has to end so we can travel to a new destination once more! 🙂

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