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Ayutthaya, a province about an hour north of Bangkok in Thailand deserves a whole day if not several days to explore.

Below are some of the temples we visited.
Wat Phanan Choeng

Wat Maha That 

Thanon Si Sanphet

How we got here and some tips I’d like to share:
– From Khao San road, we rode a TukTuk to Victory Monument
– From Victory Monument, we took the van to Ayutthaya at 140 THB per person
– In Ayutthaya town proper, we met several tuktuk drivers and arranged our temple tour. Since we lacked funds, we decided to just visit a number of temples.
– We were unaware that some of these temples have entrance fees so better make sure you have extra cash with you.
– Wear light, comfortable and not so-revealing travel clothes. Remember that you are in a different country and are visiting their holy sites. Show respect by simply following temple rules. Don’t forget sun protection too for Thai weather can be really hot at times.
– Tuktuk drivers will show you photos of the different temples. Best if you do your own research before your trip so you would know the temples you may want to visit to save time. Temples here are not within easy reach of each other and requires ample travel time.
– Pay extra attention to your personal stuff

Day 9: Itinerary and Expenses
22 Baht – Breakfast
50 Baht – Tuktuk to Victory Monument per person
70 Baht – Van to Ayutthaya
200 Baht – Ayutthaya Tour Service (tuktuk) per person
20 Baht – Entrance fee in Wat Phanan Choeng temple
20 Baht – Entrance fee in Wat Maha Tat temple
FREE –   Entrance fee in Thanon Si Sanphet
60 Baht – Van to Bangkok
35 Baht – Lunch
43.50 Baht – Taxi back to Khao San road per person

Total:  Baht 520.50 or 691.66 PHPconversions done via oanda.com

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