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Floating Market and the Almost First-time Elephant Ride

Floating Market and the Almost First-time Elephant Ride

On the eighth day of our tour we were supposed to go to Ayutthaya. However, monsoon rains started dominating the skies of Bangkok the previous day. We prayed that the next day will be a lot nicer but still the sky was overcast and it even rained early that morning.

We quickly changed our initial plans and had a brainstorm. Chie and I were thinking what to do on this day. After fetching our lunch, we agreed to stay in Bangkok and talked to the taxi drivers we constantly meet and arranged for pick-up/tour to the nearest floating market. I have not really made a research on this one so we just relied on their advise.

We were supposed to sign-up for the 250 THB per person floating market tour that afternoon but to our dismay it was already booked. We should have immediately signed up for this as soon as we arrived in Bangkok.

This was not our idea of a floating market. However, we still enjoyed the feeling of being in a floating water vessel while doing our window shopping. I guess if we had taken this tour earlier in the day, we could have witnessed the actual flow of business here.

After visiting Damnoensaduak Floating Market, our tour included a free side trip to the Elephant Village. Elephant ride costs 600 THB per person. I tried to haggle but the ladies were firm that we need to pay this amount even if we are to stay only a few minutes.

Bimbo the elephant

We were glad this day was not put to waste. Our daytime activities ended rather early and we found ourselves roaming Khao San road later that night again. πŸ™‚

Day 8 Itinerary and Expenses

THB 45 – Breakfast
THB 25 – Tuktuk Ride
THB 600 – Floating Market tour
THB 350 – Taxi
THB 40 – Lunch
FREE – Elephant Village side-trip

Total: THB 1060 or Php 1410.98

conversions done viaΒ oanda.com

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