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Goryeo Restuarant: Where I Tasted the Most Delicious Kimchi

Goryeo Restuarant: Where I Tasted the Most Delicious Kimchi

I never thought that I would really like Korean food. Before I thought that Korean food was too much spicy to my liking and so I should just stick to my favorite and familiar Chinese cuisine. However, that all changed when I visited Korea twice. I simply liked the country. I liked Kimchi a lot so this will not be absent whenever I will dine out in a Korean restaurant.

My family and I had spent a number of times gorging on Korean food. Our interest in Korean dishes led us to Goryeo Restaurant located in Okada Manila. Oh! Their Kimchi is the best I have tasted (and all their food basically)! Plus, their service is topnotch. I would definitely recommend dining here specially if you have budget to spare. Your love for Korean food will definitely level up like mine. 🙂

The food is not the only commendable aspect I’ve had here. The restaurant aesthetics were superior: high ceilings, spacious dining area, clean surroundings, interior visual treats. Overall, an upscale dining experience! Not to mention their well-dressed (proper pandemic work attire) and friendly staff.

Here I am sharing some food snaps of what we ordered. I apologize because I don’t know what each dish is called (nor the price) but I also included their current menu. I wasn’t the one who ordered. I just ate. LOL. Have fun!

Website: Goryeo (Okada Manila)
For Reservations:
Call: +632 8555 5799
Email: RestaurantReservation@okadamanila.com

Dress Code:

Normal Operations
Monday to Thursday
6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Friday to Sunday
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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