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How to Learn More About Canada’s History in Ottawa

How to Learn More About Canada’s History in Ottawa

Traveling has long been one of my childhood dreams. But this dream has not been realized until I was an adult and financially independent. I have been to a number of Asian countries already. And it still amazes me how traveling brings a different kind of joy.

Exploring Asia has been easy and truly interesting. I have gone as far as India and Mongolia. And the further I explore, the more I am hoping to go beyond Asia and step on other parts of the world. One of the countries that interest me most is Canada. When before, most people often mention its neighbor down below, I have seen migrating to Canada a more viable and beautiful option. I have a number of friends and relatives living here. And the more I see their way of life, the idea of migrating to Canada becomes more appealing. That had me looking for Ottawa homes for sale! Moving to the capital seems a good idea right?

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Speaking of Canada, what better way to get to know this English/French speaking-country than by visiting its capital. As a history lover, it will be so exciting for me as Ottawa have so many historic buildings and sites to explore.

But I guess with such a bustling and busy capital, you may think where should I start right? How to Learn More About Canada’s History in Ottawa? My answer to that would be getting to know its history. Ottawa has a number of interesting museums and well-preserved historical sights. Not to mention their well-maintained public libraries. History lovers will have a field day here!

National Gallery of Canada – There’s a saying that history is remembered by its art, not its war machines. I agree with this. Art history would be the soul of any country. The National Gallery of Canada has the most comprehensive collection of Canadian art. However, with the ongoing pandemic, the gallery is closed until further notice. You may check for updates here.

By Rick Ligthelm from Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Ottawa, Canada, CC BY 2.0,

Canadian Museum of History – This museum houses about 20,000.00 of Canada’s human history. It also serves as a major research institution. Its experts cover Canadian history, archeology, ethnology and folk culture. It is one of North America’s oldest cultural institutions.

Canada Science and Technology Museum – Science and tech geeks will definitely find this museum interesting. This Science and Technology museum showcases technological innovations in a fun and creative way through exhibitions and self-guided tours among others.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum – The last century has been groundbreaking when it comes to space and flight exploration. This museum is the go-to place for flight and space lovers out there.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum – I find it interesting that there is an agriculture and food museum. While it sounds very academic, I think a trip to this museum will enlighten us on how the most loved thing in the world evolved – food. 😀

Canadian Museum of Nature – Anything about the natural world! I’d say I would visit this first. We only have one planet to live in. Taking care of it is everyone’s duty and responsibility.

Canadian War Museum – This museum will remind us that love is better spread than hate and indifference. A war museum will remind the present and future generations what great cost wars bring.

Now, here’s an activity that I really like. In Manila, I’ve joined some walking tours of its historic district. Just walking along the cobbled stone streets of Intramuros made me see how life was in the glorious past. I bet it will be no different in Ottawa. I would follow this path for my own walking tour.

Peace Tower – Office of the Prime Minister Building – Scottish Ontario Chambers – Centrand Chambers and Bell Block – Fairmont Château Laurier – Connaught Building – Former Geological Survey of Canada Building – Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

As someone who grew up before the world of Internet, I find a visit to the library an adventure in itself. It makes me teary eyed when I visit not only a well-maintained but frequently visited libraries. Just imagine the wealth of knowledge hiding behind those books! While information in books are easily outdated, I still recommend visiting our good ol’ libraries. Ottawa has a great public library system. This I think will be very helpful for immigrants and visitors alike. There’s nothing compared to the exhilarating feeling of finding what you are looking for.

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Ottawa Public Library
Website: https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en
Contact Details: https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/contact

These are just some ideas I have in mind on how to know more about Canada’s history in Ottawa. Though migrating there is just a mere dream for now, a quick visit won’t be so bad (hoping that the pandemic will soon be over). Canada is a big country and knowing more of its past is the best way to get acquainted with my possible future home.

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