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Harping Around Hundred Islands

Harping Around Hundred Islands

You can easily reach this natural wonder by land. There are several bus lines plying the Manila-Alaminos, Pangasinan route (e.g. Victory Liner, Five Star, and Philippine Rabbit).  The trip is about 5 hours from Manila, depending on the traffic situation.  I suggest you embark from Manila at 12 midnight since traffic is the lightest at night.

When my friends and I went here for a 2 day-1 night trip, we opted to leave Manila at 12 midnight and we arrived in Alaminos, Pangasinan around 4:30 AM.  Since it was still a bit early,  we took a short rest at the tricycle terminal and hired a trike to take us to Lucap Wharf.  Fare was about 70 Php for 4 persons.

Turtle Island

Bringing your own food and drinking water is a must.  You can ask the store in Quezon Island to cook meals for you.  Though I am unsure what is the extent of their menu (we had fried Tilapia for viand) but the price is a bit expensive.  It’s best if you can bring your own cooking utensils, portable stove and ready-to-cook stuff like canned goods and noodles.

For folks who are staying overnight, you can take a paid bath at the Lucap Wharf when you get back from the trip if you don’t want to take one using seawater. 


For the more adventurous types, you can stay overnight on Quezon Island (the largest island) and rent one of the battery-operated Nipa Huts. This is a wonderful experience as you can lay on the sand at night and do star-gazing.  Might as well have a review on the different star names and constellations!

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