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Mystique Mt. Romelo

Mystique Mt. Romelo

The sleepy little town of Famy, Laguna is bordered by the towns of Real, Quezon, Santa Maria, Mabitac and Siniloan in Laguna. Now I did not know this little town existed until I got a hold of Laguna province’s map.  My first and last trip to this town is when I set foot on Mt. Romelo. My buddies then told me that this is a good starting point for aspiring and starting mountaineers like me. They were referring to it more of a hill than a mountain (huh?!).

It was more than three years when we climbed Mt. Romelo but I still remember vividly the hardships we encountered during that time. It was only an overnight climb and we literally did not sleep just to accomplish our goal.

We started our climb at around 1 AM in the morning.  You see, it was right after a tropical storm and Southern Tagalog was still being bombarded by scattered rain showers that doubled our difficulties.  Water was gushing from the top and made the pathways slippery and way muddy. There were several instances that I was asking myself ‘Hey Pau, what did you get yourself into?’

Curiosity took over the better part of my brain, inspired me to discover and well I can now say it was worth the 4 1/2 hour climb.:-)

Getting ready for my 15-storey high fall
Buruwisan Falls
After a cool, relaxing dip

Locals here rent their horses to bring down your stuff.  The charge was Php 200.00.  After seeing the animal earn bruises and scratches from her heavy load, I will just lug my own stuff around next time.

The road back home
With my fellow hikers

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