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Nagcarlan, Laguna

Nagcarlan, Laguna

Bunga Falls or also known as Twin Falls is located in the quiet town of Nagcarlan, Laguna.  You can reach this by taking a trike from the Nagcarlan town proper. If commuting, you will need to take the San Pablo-Liliw jeepney route and kindly ask the driver to drop you off at the area around the Nagcarlan public market.  When we went here, trike is fared at 60 php per ride.  The locals charge 5 php per head for maintenance fees, though that might have changed now.

It is one of the secrets you can find in this sleepy locale. However, it is saddening to see different kinds of litter in the area. Fact that some people still neglect the importance of keeping this nature wonder at its pristine state.  I do hope when I get to visit this place next time around, it will be much tidier and tourist-friendly.

Chie and I daring for a jump
Am I so glad to see this mother doing laundry the old way! Using palo-palo! 🙂

Another famous tourist spot of Nagcarlan is the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.  A one-of-a-kind in our country, this has been made a historical landmark on June 11, 1978 by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.  Several years later, it was closed to public interment.  It is said that our forefathers who led the revolutions held their meetings here. Thus it’s significance to our history.
Wonderfully crafted architecture
With college friend Christy of National Historical Institute.  

Another certified history buff , I had the privilege of acting as her tour guide to her very first visit at this remarkable landmark.

Photos courtesy of www.lagunatravelguide.com:

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