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One Lazy Afternoon in Kalibato Lake

One Lazy Afternoon in Kalibato Lake

Kalibato Lake is one of the seven lakes in this quaint southern tagalog city which is San Pablo, Laguna.  This particular lake is hidden beneath lush foliage and a sight to behold because of the serenity of its location. This one is actually much nearer to the vicinity of the next town which is Rizal, Laguna.

Going down the not-so-traditional path. It could be real slippery when the weather is crying.  So better gear up on your hiking boots.
While traversing downwards, Ate Chie and I happened to pose for some glam shots! 🙂
Private fish pens are being kept here

There are many grown trees surrounding this body of water.  While lounging underneath one, we took one last just before dusk enveloped us.

Locals say that the depth of this cold, body of water has not been measured yet. It is said that American divers and scientists have tried measuring this murky lake but they were unsuccessful.  It is also said that a someone has drowned (sadly) and the body turned in one of the seven lakes, proving that these are interconnected by yet-unseen underwater passages.

From San Pablo City, you can ride the jeepney with the San Pablo-Liliw signage and ask the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Antipolo, Rizal, just past the elementary school and the basketball court.  Then from here you can ask locals how to go down to the lake. Easy as A-B-C.

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