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How I Fund My Wanderlust

Travelling sure needs money, moolah, bucks or whatever they call it. Serious travelling really requires budgeting. You can not travel for free that’s for sure. (Hey, you still need to buy food to eat and things for personal use right!). So how do I fund my recent wallet-busting hobby? Here’s how.
1. I Work Well
Having a day job surely helps in funding this crazy hobby of mine. In the office, I sure take time to focus on my work (Really, this gets harder and harder everytime I am fresh from a trip! lol) and diligently finish them efficiently. Small things are rewarded in many ways possible. For a job well done, I often times receive a P 1000 SM GC which is definitely a big help in buying personal items for my future travels e.g shampoo, soap, etc. One time I received a GC worth P 3,300! Just in time when I needed to buy a new pair of rubber shoes! 🙂
2. I Budget
The first thing that every person should do is to budget. However, budgeting for travel should be done after tending to our most natural needs like food, household bills, emergency funds etc specially if you do not have other sources of stable income. After all these necessities are secured and paid for, then the rest we can divide either for savings and for leisure. No matter how small the percentage is, this is a big help in funding future trips or out-of-the-blue day hikes.
3. I Have Fun
Once my travel funds are secured. I do not forget to have fun.  Budgeting feeds my pocket. But having fun feeds my heart and mind. 🙂

How about You?  You can share yours to me!

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for June 2012 with the theme “How to Fund Your Wanderlust” hosted by James Betia of Journeying James.
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