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Meet Bo, the Handsome Tom

Meet Bo, the Handsome Tom
My Bohol trip was nearing its end and I was getting a bit sad since I have still yet to meet a ‘Boholano cat’. A new recruit I would love to invite to be a member of my ‘Mga Pusang Gala Club’. I was looking forward to meeting one so I dragged my feet and started searching for one. I thought all the cats rendered overtime work since no trace of them were visible!  I started mimicking a female demure cat by constantly ‘meowing’ when I was walking. 

Then out of the corner of my eye, a little friend peeped between the bushes. He was looking for a spot to do his business but at the same time vigilant of his surroundings.  Excited upon finally seeing one, I quietly approached him and let him be familiarized with me. He responded with a soft purr and with a sweet meow.

He is a tom cat as seen by his bulging head and medium-sized built. He has beautiful markings all over his body. Stripes like those of his wild cousins were remarkably noticeable, one would think he got lost from the forest. 
I was careful not to be too close for he might see me as a potential enemy. But I was glad and surprised at the same time when he kissed my hands with his curious nose and squished his sleek body in between my legs. He has won my heart over that I could not resist playing with him.

He gladly obliged to do a short photo-session by lying on the warm cement and rolling around like there was no tomorrow. He was clearly happy to be given such undivided attention! If you see us together you would think he was my pet for a long time already.


I gamely named him Bo. Yes, just like the famous Bro. Bo Sanchez. But it is more so because he is a native, amiable Boholano cat. So friendly this one was we played for about half an hour before finally bidding our goodbyes. The beach was already calling my name so I had to cut back on our Meet and Greet session. I sure hope when I come back to Bohol our paths will meet once again. And I am hoping he will greet me once more with those warm welcoming eyes of his.

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