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Paodaolei’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012

Paodaolei’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012

With a number of travels sandwiched in between work weeks, I am having a hard time updating my site. But then, after being included in the list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 by two of my fellow PTBs, I decided to take a short break from work and quickly composed my own.  Since I love traveling, I have included travel blogs in my list.

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 Writing Project is on its 6th year and aims to highlight the impact “new” blogs have towards its readers this year. The blogs to be considered here are those that have started last June 1, 2011 until today. The blogs now are gradually gaining a huge amount of readership, following, influence, and “fascinates” the reader in so many ways. The bloggers behind every blog established it for various reasons such as though expression, sharing of knowledge and insight, building a movement, events reporting or coverage and some for profit.

And they are:
1.  The Adventist Adventurer  – The blogger behind this site is no other than the unassuming Ephraim Arriesgado. He calls himself the Adventist Adventurer as he says we need to Travel With A Mission. He is the first that came to my mind since we started blogging at the same time, both of us being featured in a We Are Sole Sisters post back in December. Ephie showcases his passion for travel through simple wordings but with magnificently-captured photos. I am seeing this guy getting pretty popular in the future.

2. Between Coordinates
– Regine Camille Garcia is as cute as Jessica Sanchez. I do not know why we ended up calling each other Jessica and J.Lo respectively. Lol! But what captivated me the most about her site is her daily, fresh and anything-under-the sun thoughts, translated into concise, daily writing. Surely this cute, cute, cute girl have a lot of time in her hands. Way to go in conquering the world soon Reg!

3. Pinay Thrill Seeker – We first ‘met’ online through Pinoy Travel Bloggers group page in Facebook. Followed by numerous teasing afterwards, I quickly became at ease with Cris Reyes as we shared PMs only us can understand. Her site is a delight to read. Full of personal insights one can relate to. What I love most about her is that she is unafraid to tell her true emotions. As she says, Love Conquers All.



4. Regin’s Travels – It is very welcoming to see travel blogs partnered with missionary works. And just like Ephraim, Regin also does his part in serving the community. I envy him since he get to travel and be of service to the Lord at the same time! An upcoming globe-trotter, Regin sure still has lots of stuff to share with us in the coming future.



5. Kulapitot – One look at the site’s URL will instant turn you into a curios brat. His site is unique its own right. I find it refreshing, colorful and pleasing to the eyes. Prince Josh Chavez does not mind sharing anything that comes to mind.  He gladly shares his travel and daily life experiences with his colorful posts. I still have yet to ask him how he came up with the Kulapitot name for this blogsite. :-D. How about you, do you know?



6. Journeying Pinay – My first impression of this lady is she is a seasoned travel blogger for ten years or so. I became familiar with her through her comments on our common FB friends’ wall posts. The Lady who travels by herself. (Yes, just really travels by herself, her shots are taken by her cute little cam aided with the tallest tripod I have seen). Impressed by her heartfelt writings, one who does not know Heiz Ramos personally will think she is in love, or oftentimes broken-hearted. Her wander stories will definitely inspire you to travel on your own. Vocal, Independent, feisty and always in love with…our country…that is who Journeying Pinay is.



7. Lagaan na Cebuana – Clean, simple yet deep. This is how I describe this Cebuana’s travel diaries. Perfect guide for those wanting to wander around the Visayas region.  I follow her posts simply because they do not appear to be boastful.


From a Traveller’s Desk – No other way to better help fellow travellers is when once posts useful guides and tips for travels. Seasoned and newbie travellers alike will definitely lose themselves over the many things you can learn from this diverse travel blog. Need I say more?

9. The Urban Walker

Any individual who was made, born, breathed and lived in the capital of the Philippines would definitely find this site helpful.  From holiday declarations, to laws concerning the lives of urban-dwellers to storm-signal warnings,  this site is definitely a treasure.

10.  The Purple Doll – For food-lovers out there, this is definitely worth visiting. Just staring at the photos would make your mouth water and would make you think if you have the makings of a master chef yourself.

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Disclaimer:  This list is written in no particular order. 🙂

This has been updated as of Aug 21, 2012 since the other blogsites initially mentioned didn’t meet the criteria. Nonetheless, those sites are still worth visiting for they are interesting in their own right. Che On The Road and Officially Philiipines

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