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Freedom is Being In Love With the World

Freedom is Being In Love With the World
In travel I often ponder. I am the silent-type of girl. Those who don’t know me too well would assume I’m the snobby type. I pity them for they judge me so quickly. But deep inside, I am just a shy, sensitive girl who cries sometimes when the night wakes up and when the sun falls asleep. 

I am the sweetest. When I am happy, I share my innocent musings to everyone. I especially like the ones I write during and right after my wanderings. Sometimes, something just hits me in the head and I would be writing like crazy for I knew if I didn’t all the radiant emotions within me will soon lose its luster. I need to get it out, to write it down. To read the words in my head for real. Sometimes, I’d grab a pen and anything I could write on. Somehow, when I run my fingers over the things I wrote, that surreal feeling of being there comes back again. Alive. Breathing. And that would be the time I would believe that a dream has already become a reality.

A grazing carabao in Sagada

When you fall in love with life, everything negative seems to be a blur. A faded memory. Hazy aroundthe edges. For some reason, when you’re in love with the world, you wake up smiling without any particular reason at all.You grin when you look at the mirror. You smile silly when you notice passersby look at you as if you’ve grown an extra head. You would literally shine. And I guess a smilefrom me would be more than enough to help lighten up this already crazy world.

I travel solo now. Why? I wanted to come out of my comfort zone. I wanted to grow up and be the woman I have always wanted myself to be. Independent. Smart but still sweet and loving at the same time. The Mermaid will not be a mermaid if she isn’t loving at all. I always see the need to be there, to be felt, to love and to be loved.

Freedom is my mantra now. Freedom to choose to stay happy. Freedom to wander, to wonder, to ponder. And finally, believing in the freedom to love and be loved in return.

I am here. Just waiting for the right moment. I  know that there will always be the perfect timing for everything. But loving is completely another world. In my ponderings, it’s best to just love. And always stay in love. With the world.

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