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Sagada: Of Dark Caves and Waterfalls

Sagada: Of Dark Caves and Waterfalls

My visit to Sagada was sandwiched by two storms. But that did not stop me from aiming to scratch this heavenly place off my bucket list. Armed with little knowledge, I knew perfect adventure awaited me up here.

Second day in heaven was spent exploring the famous attractions namely Bomod-ok Falls and the caves. My friend and I trekked in between lush green rice paddies. I was so happy upon seeing nothing but mountains all around me. I pondered a bit on how the locals lead their daily lives. I realized then that simple things are often the best things in life. All we need to worry about is that we have good food to eat, a sturdy house to live in and family and friends to share good memories with. I felt a little envious of them but felt very proud at the same time. I am a Filipino and will never exchange that for another citizenship.

Fidelisan Rice Terraces

Trekking Bomod-ok Falls, or Big Falls as referred to it by our guide Kuya Mac, was a no-brainer as long as you have prepared yourself for it. He said that this was the hardest to reach among all the falls in Sagada. With that in mind, I was imagining a buwis-buhay climb. But our trek to the falls was easy as 1-2-3. It was a bit tiring but we were reinvigorated at once as soon as the Big Falls came into view!

Emerald everywhere! Finally! 

On our way back, we met a couple, Jaja and James, who were free in the afternoon. After a brief introduction, we agreed to go as group in exploring Sumaguing Caves (more savings for me, yay!).

L-R:  James, Jachelle, our guide Dani, Cristina from Spain and me 🙂
Taken after our cave exploration!

Before entering Sumaguing Cave, we dropped by at a couple of burial sites. Our guide, Dani, explained to us so many interesting facts about their culture. Sadly, the younger generation seems to be no longer interested in continuing the tradition. He said that present families prefer their deceased to be buried in the cemetery near the church.

Along the way, RJ met another rowdy group of men who were going to the much harder cave connection  I was not ready to deal with that since I felt something was off the moment I looked into the mouth of the cave. I followed my instincts for I knew what will happen once I enter the dark caverns. I felt them everywhere.

RJ split from us. However, we met Cristina from Spain who was planning to go in on her own. We gamely invited her to tag along with us. She agreed and we had the best time ever. We missed RJ but I was very happy that I met Cristina.


Before heading back to town to have our dinner, I was ecstatic as I met a Sagadian cat.  Look at her intelligent eyes! I quickly named her Saddie.
with Saddy 🙂


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  • Your shared information is really very helpful for me and the other visitor who are planning to visit there. Natural beauty attracts every visitor to it and it is an idle for the nature lovers. I have visited the Bomod-ok Falls attractions in summer vacation with my friends before my hearst castle tour. It also gives the facility of swimming and hiking my friends enjoyed that activity and next year they are planning to visit there.

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