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Sagada: A Lazy Day All By Myself

Third day in Sagada. It was a bit quiet as new friends were already leaving that morning. We woke up early and had our first and last breakfast together. Jaja and James, the uber-sweet couple, were already at Strawberry Cafe while RJ and I followed suit later.

We ordered tummy-filling pancakes topped with strawberry jam. I split it with my friend as I was sure I would not be able to eat all of it. At P 99, that pancake was one of the yummiest I have ever eaten.

Strawberry Cafe’s Pancake with Strawberry Jam, Php 99

Right after breakfast, I saw my friends off and sadly bade them goodbye. I did not know when we will see each other again so I waited until their buses already left. I felt a little lonely as I had no idea what I will do for the rest of my day. It was only 8 AM. I did not see the famous Kiltepan sunrise as there were still no stars the night before. It would have been an indication that a sunrise will greet us.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I noticed that a Saturday market was set up along the main road. Sagadian peeps were doing their business as I people-watched for a few minutes. I observed a bit what were up for sale and I smiled a toothy smile to myself as I was able to bargain two lovely dresses at only P 100 each.

As I was just about to go back to my hostel, I noticed the jeepney parked at the other side of the street. The signage read Sagada-Bontoc. It was as if someone had turned on the lights inside my head. I knew where I will be going next.

Surprisingly, I noticed a familiar blondie already inside the jeepney. Cristina was also Bontoc-bound and I was really happy upon seeing her again. We met the day before in Sumaguing Cave and we had the best of time! She casually mentioned that she will be going to Bontoc for Banawe before finally leaving for Manila.  

This is what you will see going to Bontoc

Mind you! It was not easy taking a selfie on top of a moving, zig-zagging vehicle!

I spent my last afternoon in Sagada wandering on the deserted roads. I almost missed Sagada Weaving! I went inside, chatted with the owner a bit and bought a few souvenirs for myself.
I wanted to stop the sun from setting but that would mean the days leading to my next visit to Sagada will not come soon. Reluctantly, I closed my eyes that night in my room, took a short peek at the full moon and whispered words of love to the heavens above.

I miss you, Sagada!

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