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Our Melting Pot: You Can Never Go Wrong With Kindness

Our Melting Pot:  You Can Never Go Wrong With Kindness

Nowadays, it is rare to find a place we can truly call home aside from the one where we grew up in. For those living in the city, we sometimes find ourselves yearning to commune with nature to attain peace and solemnity even just for a while.

Melting Pot Hostel in Tagaytay is one such kind of a place. Serene and peaceful – almost like a beach house to me. You might think that this one in Tagaytay is a resort because of its color. But hey, I guess that pretty sums up what kind of vibe this hostel is trying to get across. A place where we can truly relax and just be ourselves.

Early in June we were give the privilege to attend the housewarming of its Tagaytay branch. The hostel looked just like the homes surrounding. Entering its doors was like going to a neighbor next door. You will feel instantly welcome and at home.

Mr. Ronald Tepora, one of the founding owners, greeted us with arms open wide and gladly shared with us how they started. While waiting for lunch to be served, we learned the humble beginnings of the hostel. What really stuck with me is that part of your rent will proceed to their chosen charity. No explanation needed.

Do consider staying at the Melting Pot Hostel if vacationing is more than what you have in mind. Here you can not only gain new friends, but you can know yourself better once more by doing things with purpose and reason. 

Facebook:  Our Melting Pot Tagaytay
Address:No.75 Smokey Hill Maharlika Subdivision
4210 Tagaytay, Tagaytay, Philippines
Mobile:   63915.105.945

Introductory Rates:

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