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India Trip Backpacking Expenses

India Trip Backpacking Expenses

Hello guys!  For those who are thinking of backpacking around India, I have shared here my breakdown of expenses. I explored this glorious sub-continent with my friend Marx for two weeks last September 2013.  The time was not enough but it will suffice with careful planning and prioritizing.


The jaw-dropping Taj Mahal

Click Here to view the file.  Hope this will assist you in creating your trip and making your India dream a reality. 

Incredible India
Sept 14-Oct 1, 2013

Part 1  How to Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa
Part 2  Smyle Inn 🙂
Part 3  Karan’s Guesthouse: Your Home in Jaipur
Part 4  Kolkata’s Sunny Sunflower Guesthouse
Part 5  Goa’s Little Secret
Part 6  One Night in Kuala Lumpur
Part 7  Brave in Bangalore
Part 8  The Ghost of Goa
Part 9   Magnificent Mumbai
Part 10 What to Wear in India for Women Travelers
Part 11 Romantic Udaipur 
Part 12 Israel, Morocco and the Fort of Chittorgargh
Part 13 Pondering in the Pink City
Part 14 New Delhi Baby!
Part 15 The Red Fort
Part 16 Whirling Emotions
Part 17 Varanasi’s Traditions
Part 18 Kolkata and Calcutta
Part 19 Off to Pattaya!
Part 20 India Trip at a Glance
Part 21 India Trip Backpacking Expenses

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