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It is More Fun in Bataan

It is More Fun in Bataan
A distant memory of climbing Mt. Samat in high school was my only recollection of this simple province. This, and a few horrible WWII stories of my late great grandmother. 

So when an invite to explore some of its offerings was at hand, I took the opportunity without hesitation. Not only I enjoyed some of Bataan’s best, but I also gained new friendships that I know would last a lifetime.

 photo by Mimi

If you finally decide to visit Bataan (please do), drop by at the Bataan Tourism Center before beginning your tour. A mini art gallery and souvenir shop is found here too. Take note that Bataan is the only province in the country that has an independent tourism center. 

These gorgeous art works were created and donated by local artists 

This is a great idea as they are the people who are best equipped in showing to visitors the best of Bataan. While the place is modern, spacious and welcoming, for me, it’s the warmth of the staff that serves as the heart of the center.

Bataan Tourism Centre 
(Balanga City, Bataan)

Hardin ni Balagtas 
(Orion, Bataan)

Balagtas was born in Bigaa, Bulacan.  But his wife, Juana Tiambeng, hails from Bataan.
 Their marriage produced eleven children. 

Sto. Domingo Church
(Abucay, Bataan)

A must-visit. This church is one of the oldest in the Philippines.  
The parish was founded in 1588 by Dominican missionaries.

Capitol Compound
(Balanga City, Bataan)

photo by Mai Flores

Mt. Samat Shrine of Valor
(Pilar, Bataan)

Plans of developing and expanding this National Shrine is already at hand.
Erected in the 1970s, it serves as a reminder of the bravery and valor shown by Filipino and American soldiers in the defense of Bataan during WWII

Mt. Samat Zipline / Tree-Hopping
(Pilar, Bataan)

 photo by Mai Flores
The zip-line sits atop Mt. Samat and ends up at Dunsulan Falls 
Our friend Celine before zip-lining!
photo by Mai Flores

Dunsulan Falls
(Pilar, Bataan)

 photo by Mai Flores
Global Trade Fair
(Balanga City, Bataan)

Our visit coincided with the Global Trade Fair situated near The Plaza Hotel
Local delicacies like tinapa and bagooong were sold here 

St. Joseph Cathedral)
(Balanga City, Bataan)

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