Move Forward and Never Be Still

Lal-lo Church, Cagayan

After Pamplona, we stopped by the town of Lal-lo. Lal-lo is a first class municipality and was called as City of Nueva Segovia during the colonial times.

The town of Lal-lo was the center of trade and religious activities of Northern Luzon. It has a rich historical background as being one of the first cities founded in the Philippines alongside Manila (1571), Cebu (1565) and Naga (1575). Established in 1581, Lalloc was its former name, it was the seat of the Diocese before its transfer to Vigan in 1755.

Our stay here was brief and we only took photos of the lovely church called as Santo Domingo de Guzman Church. This church is on the small side but it had massive walls seemingly capable of surviving a war (God forbid). Known to many, colonial churches were built to also serve as fortresses in case of unlikely attacks. Its thick girth reminded me of the walls of Intramuros. And I fell in love with it just like I did with Pamplona Church.

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