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It Just Gets Better After That

It Just Gets Better After That
We cannot control when we fall in love.
Much less to whom we fall in love with.

Sometimes, you stand amaze as you stare at a man or at a woman who is the complete opposite of the ideals etched in your brain.
Losing yourself.  Hopeless romantics.  In one way or another, we all bow down to the greatest emotion that ever existed.  Is it even an emotion? Or is it the purest form of energy that binds us all.

I have written many poems about love.  Sometimes inspired by others’ love stories but most of the time it is a reflection of what I am currently thinking, or even feeling.  
Easily gets inspired?  Yes, I do.  I believe in the power of love.  Of falling in love.  Of being in love and staying forever in love.
Heartaches?  It is a given.  Everybody goes through it.  It is just how one perceive and handle the pain.

Yes!  I am the Best Lover! 🙂
I am an old romantic.  A big fan of Princes and Damsels in Distress.  But of course, not all love stories happen in castles or palaces.  It can happen in a butt-numbing train ride to Varanasi.  It can churn from a 20-hour boat ride to the islands of Manila.  It can also dawn on top of a mountain or when you just simply buy soda at 711.

One thing I have always thanked God for and always have faith in is that 

True Love Comes More Than Once In A Lifetime

It just gets better after that.
This post is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for February 2014 with the theme “The Joys AND Woes Of Couplehood on the Road“. Claire Madarang of iamtravelinglight.com hosts this edition of the blog carnival.  For other Blog Carnival entries, visit Langyaw.com.

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