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The Red Fort

The Red Fort
By this time, my stomach is doing cartwheels and somersaults and every stunt I could think of. I could no longer hide that I was unwell but I still have to go through the day. We had the busiest two days after honeymooning with New Delhi. We arrived past noon in Agra, hungry and tired.  
After having lunch, Marx and I was offered an arranged tour by our host but we find it expensive. We politely declined and as planned, explored Agra on our own. It was raining by the time of our arrival but it went away in the late afternoon. There should have been other places on our list but our wanting to rest early made us decide to just visit the more important places, the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal Complex.
The Red Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

I managed to take some nice shots of the red fort grounds. Though I wanted to continue on, I let Marx wander alone inside since all I wanted to do was rest on my bed. 

A glimpse of Taj Mahal from Red Fort

I remember almost telling Marx to go on without me. I was ready to go back to our hostel alone until I saw the above scenery. Stomach and headache all but forgotten!

I really needed a break
I admire the symmetry

After an hour or so, Marx and I retired in our bedroom. We did a little laundry and spent some moments updating the wired world.  We slept early as Taj Mahal awaits the following day.

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