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Marikit-na Beach Resort: Your Homey Island Getaway

Marikit-na Beach Resort:  Your Homey Island Getaway

It is truly amazing when you think positively that something will happen, it does actually happen. My dream to finally step foot in the island province of Marinduque came true when we visited this charming resort in an island called Maniwaya.

Our adventure began at the dawn of one Sunday morning. We rode a JAC Liner bus bound for Dalahican Port in Lucena and from there we reached Balanacan Port in Mogpog via a three-hour ferry ride. A van brought us to Dewey Hotel in downtown Santa Cruz at 80 pesos per head where we spent the night before embarking to Maniwaya Island the following morning.

Buyabod Port was the gateway to Maniwaya Island. We paid 20 pesos per head (tricycle) from the town proper to reach the port. Our boatman Abel was already waiting for our arrival. We were quickly whisked off to the island using the boat owned by the resort. Fare is at 70 pesos if you will be riding the passenger boat to the island. 

I was with my friend Karl and new buddy Paolo. The ride to the island took approximately less than an hour. As our boat approached the shore, I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy since the structure was directly facing the waters.

Though the resort still needs to undergo several upgrades here and there, what I saw was actually prettier than the name itself, Marikit-Na Beach Resort.
Marikit in Filipino means fine or pretty. Curious, I asked why the hotel name and I was told it was because the owner hails from Marikina. Unique isn’t it?

Tocino and Tinapa rice meal

Chicken Cordon Bleu with vegetables
Rice with BBQ and Pinakbet
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings
Upper left: home theater.  Upper right: restaurant.  Lower left: resort bar 

The resort is more on the villa type which made it homey and quaint. I liked it for I have not visited a resort with a similar built. The rooms are spacious and can be arranged for couples, families and barkadas alike. The bar and restaurant is located at the ground floor. At night, the interiors are cozy and warm. If we were in Europe, I could easily picture snowy windows and a chimney.  All that was missing were Santa Claus and a fireplace.

I loved that the resort has bed arrangements at the attic

Resort facade

The resort even has a home theater which I see as being perfect for small, island gatherings and late night movie sessions! Presently, the resort rooms are fan-ventilated but future plans to convert these to air-conditioned rooms would surely make your stay more worthwhile and refreshing.

The weather during our stay was surprisingly fine and calm. We rested for an hour upon our arrival then decided to swim at the other side of the island where a nice stretch of white beach was located. A
habal-habal (motor) ride at 30 pesos per head took us there for less than ten minutes.

This stretch of deserted beach is just a few meters away from the resort

We decided to spend just an hour frolicking in the warm waters as dusk was quickly enveloping us. On our way back to our pick-up point, we noticed the glassy sea reflecting the mesmerizing sunset. The waters slowly pulled the sun below and I thought it was just awesome and that life was really simple.

Sunset at Maniwaya Island is just lovely

A beach getaway to Marikit-Na Resort is worth a whole day’s travel. Our semi-secluded hideaway for three days were filled with laughs, chill moments, nice-tasting food and surrounded with beautiful sceneries punctuated by light and fun memories shared between friends.

Expenses To Note

228  Bus to Dalahican Port
260  Roro to Balanacan Port
30    Terminal fee
80    Van to Santa Cruz town proper
350   Dewey Hotel, fan room  
70     Boat from Buyabod Port to Maniwaya Island
150   Boat from Maniwaya Island to Gen. Luna, Quezon
30     Motor ride to White Beach Area / Port
free  Swim around Isla Maniwaya | Palo Maria Beach

Santa Cruz, Marinduque Standard Fare Directory*

*May change from date of posting

Marikit-Na Beach Resort


For updated rates and reservations, please contact the resort through the following channels:


Maniwaya Island, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
Contact Number: +63.927.878.9782
General Manager: Mr. Ron Montes 

Maniwaya Island Habal-Habal
Darwin – 0930.055.7418
Russel 0909.353.3573

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