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Thank You, Mr. Aquino

Thank You, Mr. Aquino
These photos were taken at the Day of Valor held last April 9, 2016 at Mt. Samat National Shrine, Pilar, BataanIt was Mr. Aquino’s last Araw ng Kagitingan as a president. Like a famous celebrity, people were clamoring to hold him or shake his hand.  

We thank you, Mr. President for the good you have done for the country. You are not perfect but you were successful in planting the good seeds for the next generations to nurture.

Your father once told you, ‘Son, the ball is now in your hands.’  But now, as a new leadership is dawning, many gravely realize that the ball is actually in their own hands. It was never a one man’s fight and never will it be. You were voted as president to lead us and I am praying that many Filipinos realize that they also need to do their part.

Thank you once more. For all the great things you have done for the Philippines.

Mabuhay Ka!

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