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Mariveles Five Fingers: Bataan’s Newest Getaway

Mariveles Five Fingers: Bataan’s Newest Getaway

Bataan province is often overlooked as a prime tourist destination for those living within its vicinity. I used to have that thinking too. However, my visit to Bataan two years ago proved me wrong. Last year, I came back for the second time and enjoyed its waters. Though its beaches are not white like those found in the other parts of the country, its proximity from Manila makes it a favorable go-to option among beach lovers.

The Five Fingers consists of five points namely Cochino’s Point (thumb), Talaga Point (index finger), Horno’s Point (middle finger), Naicklec Point (ring finger) and the last finger which is called Longos Kawayan Point (pinky finger). When we went there, our tour had a fixed itinerary. We visited three coves and also had a side trip at Apatot Cove and had our lunch in a beach. It is called Five Fingers because it resembles a hand with its fingers spread out when viewed from above.

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We started our trip late in the morning. We set for Bataan earlier that day via the newest ferry service route from Manila. We arrived at Port Capinpin at 7:30 AM and headed on to our hotel for the next hour. After settling in, we managed to get on our boat before 11 AM when the sun was already high. We didn’t have a proper breakfast. A morning date with Jollibee was cancelled but I guess the excitement we felt on what we will discover overcome our growing hunger by the minute. The tour provided free snack by way of sandwiches. However, I suggest eating a heavy breakfast as the lunch comes in the latter part of your itinerary.

Our first stop was at Cochino’s Point which for me is the highlight of the whole trip. While the view from the top can catch your breathe away, the way to it was not easy. Well, I assume it is for seasoned hikers. But the path towards the top was a bit steep and slippery mostly because of falling rocks. A sturdy hiking footwear is a must for the entire trip as you will mostly be stepping on jagged stones and outcrops.

Nagbintana Arc | Photo by Jherson Jaya
Latain Point | Photo by Jherson Jaya

After a tiring hike in Cochino’s Point, some of us were rewarded with a refreshing swim when we cliff-dived in Natsu Lagoon. The jump was about forty feet from the highest point. Nerves got the better of me so I jumped mid-way. I spent a few minutes lounging in this blue green lagoon before we headed off to another beach where the rest of us enjoyed swimming in an actual beach.

Swimming at Natsu Lagoon | Photo by turistatrails.com
Nagbintana Arch | Photo by Jherson Jaya

A sumptuous lunch was served at Kaweder Campsite at Aglaloma Point. Lunch consists of unlimited rice, veggies, crabs and the delicious Bataan chicken. This is also where overnighters can stay. The area is beachfront so guests can frolick in the waters after a day of cove-hopping. Since we started late in the morning, we had our lunch late in the afternoon at already 3 PM. It was a bad decision not having a proper breakfast since our attention was divided in controlling our hunger and appreciating the beautiful coves. Nevertheless, the beauty of Five Fingers was still worth the wait. 🙂
An Island Day Tour is inclusive of:
• Light snacks (sandwiches) and water are provided
• Tour guide and boat fee
• Entrance fee at the beach
• Buffet lunch
• Activities such as snorkeling, cliff diving, spelunking, and trekking
• Sites to visit: Cochinos point, Natsu Lagoon, Pulong Kawayan Cave, Pebble cave, Tinanlakan Cliff, Nagbintana Arc, Lusung Beach and Sisiman Bay

For island hopping inquiries, please book your tours with Mariveles Five Fingers Tour by BWP
Address: Poblacion, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines

Mobile: 0915-248-3726

IG: @bwpfivefingers

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