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Mortage Calculator: Engage in Money, Fun and Games!

Mortage Calculator: Engage in Money, Fun and Games!

Who does not want to have much money right? Well, if you ask me. I do! But budgeting or simply thinking about where to spend our hard-earned money is a task that screams adulting. I guess it is just natural that we tend to (or failingly hope that we do) ignore adult tasks like spending money wisely. But with what happened to our world (i.e., pandemic), I think that most individuals have matured financially in in their own ways.

As a young girl, I remember that one of my greatest dreams is to work as a cashier of some sorts. A cash box full of money was like a box of gold to me! :D.  Such dream came true, through an online gaming site, which also teaches financial literacy through various games, called Mortgage Calculator. They have a page specifically for game which anyone can enjoy.

I tried several games but my most favorite were the Grocery Cashier (my dream came true!) and Bomb the Bridge. Grocery Cashier teaches simple mathematics in the concept of grocery shopping while Bomb the Bridge helps develop strategic thinking.

Grocery Cashier is a game where younger children can practice addition and subtrction along with monetary familiarity by operating a virtual cash register.

  • Each customer represents another level of the game. As you play longer the number of items you ring up increases while the time limit for each customer decreases.
  • Enter the cost of each item as it comes down the conveyor belt, then tap the plus button.
  • To enter payments you must click on or press the buttons on the cashier rather than using a keyboard. If you make an error there is a clear button you can use to erase the prior input.
  • When entering amounts you do not need to enter anything after the decimal if the product price is a whole dollar figure & you do not have to enter pennies for products which are priced in dollars and dimes.
  • After entering in all of the items click on the total button.
  • If the customer pays via gift certificates you then enter the gift certificant amount and the minus sign. You do not make change for customers who play with gift certificates. Simply enter the amount, the negative sign, and then click the DONE button on the right.
  • If the customer pays with money you enter the amount they paid and then click on the pay button. You then click on the bills and coins which are associated with the amount they are owed and then click the done button when you are complete.

Bomb The Bridge is a structure destruction game where you strategically place dynamite to blow up bridges and cause maximum damage.

  • Select the play button in the center of the welcome screen to bring up the level select screen.
  • The game has 12 stages which are unlocked sequentially.
  • You can plant bombs anywhere on the bridge, though you are given a limited number of them, which are shown at the top of the screen.
  • After planting the bombs press the start button to put the enemy troops in motion.
  • Wait for enemy troops to cross onto the bridge and the blow up the bombs one at a time by selecting them.
  • Some bombs which are further away from the troops can be detonated immediately without alarming the troops, though bombs near the troops going off may cause the troops to speed up and/or change directions.
  • You can score up to 3 stars on each stage by blowing up nearly 100% of the bridge and eliminating all enemy troops.
  • You unlock the next stage with even a single star rating, but you can go back to previously beat levels at any time to replay them and try to earn a higher score on them.
  • If you fail a level you can replay it an unlimited number of times.
  • If you blow up dynamite early to where troops do not appear you can select the pause button in the upper right corner to bring up the pause menu and replay the level again.
  • The welcome screen has a full screen mode button in the upper right corner & a settings button under the play button for controlling game sound and music.

As we have realized that placing your fortunes in one nest is not really ideal nowadays, some of us have thought of becoming entrepreneurs as well. Relying on income as an employee is no longer enough these days. If I were to put up my own business, it will a business that caters to people’s basic needs like food. I enjoyed playing online games like Diner Dash before. And this website have many games which promotes entrepreneurship by simulating the actual activities in a restaurant or cafe.

Pizza Cafe is a restaurant simulation game where you must quickly serve each diner the exact pizza they requested.

  • Look at the thought bubble above each customer to see what type of pizza they want.
  • Lay down the crust, sauce, cheese, and any ohter ingredients needed to complete the pizza.
  • Once all ingredients have been placed select the pizza again to cook it and send it on the conveyor belt.
  • Serve customers before their patience runs out. The pizza starts at the left end of the conveyor belt and moves right. The first customer who matches it exactly will take it, if you want to bypass a customer on the left to serve one further right you can grab the plate the pizza is on and drag it right toward the correct customer.
  • If your ingredients run out you can select the phone to order more.
  • If you are unsure what ingredients are on a pizza, all have dough + tomato sauce + cheese & you can select the menu above the phone to see what other ingredients are needed.
  • Across the top of the screen the game shows level number, cash, level timer, pause & sound control buttons, happy customers served, and customers who left angry.

I liked playing Pizza Cafe and the rest of the games! I was unable to reach my targets at first so I had to strategize to hit my daily goals before I can proceed to the next level. I failed several times at the start since I did not read the mechanics and just dove head on.

Lesson learned – study and plan before doing something. I think this applies in all aspects of our daily lives. Don’t you think? Try the different games yourselves if you have time to kill. It’s entertaining!

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