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Savings Calculator: Your Partner in Managing Your Hard-earned Riches

Savings Calculator: Your Partner in Managing Your Hard-earned Riches

I used to live a rather carefree life. Growing up from a not so well-off family, I have often dreamed of becoming rich and having plenty of money to spend. I would imagine shopping every weekend, or jet setting to a far-off place. Eating at expensive restaurants or staying at luxury hotel didn’t sound bad either. I thought all these worldly things have value – until the pandemic happened.

A total lockdown was imposed by the government back in 2020, forcing our company to have us work remotely. Back then, I did not have a proper working laptop (it was only good for viewing and browsing until it shuts down again and again), so I was forced to work just for a few days a week (or until what help my laptop then can give me).

You may ask why I did not purchase a new laptop? It was because I was in great debt and I did not have any savings to my name. I used up all my credit cards for unplanned travels and basically lived beyond my means. When the rainy days came, I did not have anything. It was then I realized that I could no longer live the same way before the pandemic. I could not be a burden to those around me in the expense of my worldly happiness.

When the opportunity came to save some money in the bank, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was so good to actually see a few thousands in my bank’s mobile app. At least I had some savings. It wasn’t big, but more than enough to inspire me to save and be conscious of my spendings and priorities.

Saving money can be tough specially if we have a family to provide for, but the good thing is there are sites that are actually tailor-made in managing our finances. This website (www.savingscalculator.org) is truly helpful because you can actually see your money flow. I think seeing or writing everything down can help you better visualize where your money actually goes. You can plan ahead and decide for your future e.g., if you need additional income to augment your savings and have funds for your retirement.

With the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, it is best if we learn to properly manage our finances and prepare for rainy days. Being mindful of our spendings, having an emergency fund and spending only what we really need would steer us towards the right direction.

However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to enjoy. As they say, work-life balace is a must in order to have a fulfilled life. The most important lesson is that we learn how to balance things whilst preparing for the the hard time should they come.

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