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My First Top-Loading Experience

My First Top-Loading Experience

When I was younger I get to watch documentaries set in the Cordillera provinces. Aside from jaw-dropping sceneries, what captured my attention was the often too-full big jeepney loaded from top to bottom. Adding to the weight of the cargo are numerous people sitting, or I may call it ‘hanging’ from the vehicle itself.

Top-loading is sure one way to enjoy and feel the exhilaration of the ride in your travels.

I had my first top-loading experience in my CamNorte trip last summer. Me and my travel buddies were on our way to Malatap Falls in Labo and the jeepney we embarked on had a built-in railing perfect for traveling goods. Out of nowhere, Ivan and Kevin climbed up there, and well, I grabbed the chance and followed suit.

Later on the rest of our group were enjoying the fresh air and just enjoyed the ride. We stole a few shots of ourselves and marveled at the simplicity of life in the province.

photo by Ivan

Ah, I said to myself. This is life.

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