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Friendly With Friendly.ph

Friendly With Friendly.ph
In the advent of modern technology comes the growth of numerous networking sites just within reach either through a computer or your glitzy mobile device. Sometimes I wish for that traditional slum book back in my school days where I would eagerly fill-out all those personal questions including those about my first crush. My desire to look for something new lead me to the Pinoy networking site friendly.ph.

One will be instantly attracted to its fresh and simple over-all design. Navigation is fairly easy.  I am seeing more improvement in the coming days which will eventually lead to its ever-growing popularity. Since I have a deep love for my country, I definitely adored the site logo. Below is a screen capture of their log-in page.

Innovative and eye-catching. Browsing through the ‘friendly’ world is helping me build a new set of friends and relationships outside the traditional social circles. Friendly.ph is at its early best. I would say being a part of this team in these days is great.

Aside from the normal post-comment-like activity, friendly.ph would help bring out the concerned citizen in you. Here you can keep yourselves updated in current events and you can also think out loud by engaging a friendly conversation in one of their forums.

All in all, friendly.ph is a breath of fresh air.  Invigorating and intellectual, that what is friendly.ph is for me.

Now, it is your turn to get friendly with Friendly.ph!

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