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Relaxing at Club Balai Isabel

Two long weekends last August were perfect opportunities to plan and execute holidays spent only with our families.  A short vacation at the beautiful and charming resort right at the heart of Talisay City, Batangas: Club Balai Isabel, was the perfect idea to relax with them.
The hotel reception is housed separately from the guest rooms
It is easier to reach this hotel and resort by private vehicle
Accents displayed in the reception hall

We were booked to stay in the 3rd floor of Balai Recto bldg. They happen to name each cluster of rooms like the one below from famous personalities like politicians and heroes hailing from the province of Batanggas.

The weather was not sunny at all and there were occasional rains and thunderstorms during our stay. However, we took this opportunity to explore the resort grounds and checked out its amenities.

Taal Volcano is visible from the hotel grounds
Enjoying a cool, laid-back afternoon
Trail leading to the lake shore

This resort is on the pricey side but some rooms would be easy on the pocket for group stays. The cheapest room type (like the one we stayed at) Lakeside Suites start at P 5,600 per night plus tax for two adults. While the one with that awesome view, Lakefront Suites with Loft, starts at P 8120 per night plus tax which can accommodate up to six persons (not bad if there will be six of you to split to bill).

The rates I quoted may change without prior notice, you may check the hotel’s website for updated pricing and information. They have an online booking system which provides instant confirmation. Guests can also contact the resort at 63 437280307 / 63 437730004.

The hotel has three pools resort guests can used. The most visited is the one located in front of Terazza Restaurant, overlooking Taal Volcano.

What I loved during our vacation here were:
1.) Old church ruins in the resort grounds

The marker above reads:
The old folks in the town of Talisay say they remember seeing a bell tower right on this spot. It is believed that this bell tower may have been all that remained of the old church of the town of either Sala or Tanuan in the 17th century, before it moved to its current location. These stone structures seem to be all that is left of that church. 

I could not believe my eyes when I was reading the resort map. Historical ruins are the apple of my eyes when I am on travel. Immediately the next morning, I woke up early and found myself wondering how the old church would have looked like.

A huge flat rock which appeared to have been part of the old church fortress
Church walls?

2.) A newly built church inside the resort {which looked like an old church :-)}

The Espousal of Joseph and Mary Chapel  

 The church was decorated during my visit, probably for a wedding

And last but definitely not the least!

3.) I met the legendary Mr. Romi Garduce

Meeting Mr. Romi Garduce was the highlight of this trip!  Sorry for the grainy photo. This was taken using my mobile phone. 🙂

You know, an old house would have completed the list above! 🙂

Taal just seems to be one swim away!

All in all, it was perfect vacation. A couple of days was rather short but I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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