Move Forward and Never Be Still

The Little Prince, My Love

The Little Prince, My Love
My Love,
It was one cold night. As I took a peek outside, I didn’t realize that I was holding my breathe for a few seconds already. The stars were bursting their light up in the skies! Oh what a beaut I thought.
I suddenly felt an overwhelming rush of emotions as I took in the silence and peace around me.
You were there. With me. And with that tears started flowing. Tears of joy. Of realizing I don’t have to go anywhere anymore.
And I could feel your heart thumping wildly at last. But slowly at first. Beating with mine. 
It was wonderful! You and me together even if we were on the side of each other’s world.
I find great solace that we share the same universe.
Because no matter where we look, or go, or decide to stay. 
Our home will always be each other. 
You are my home darling.
And as we wander on different paths for now, know that our love will always connect us because we, our enlightened souls, are one.

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