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Singapore Skyline, Merlion, Marina Sands and the Cute Couple

Singapore Skyline, Merlion, Marina Sands and the Cute Couple

After going through several mishaps on our way to Singapore, finally we arrived safe and sound at exactly 1.35 PM as promised by our confirmation e-mail. We were actually bracing ourselves for a set of strict interviews once we come face to face with SG’s immigration officers. However, no questions were asked at all. Just a few flip of our papers, several clicks on the computer and we were now smiling as we breezed through the process.

Changi Airport. Singapore

Armed with our free map, Chie and I started our tour. We captured photos of our tired selves at the airport grounds before proceeding to the MRT station off to the city. 

InterContinental Hotel standing tall right across the street 
Our first and last meal of the day: Roasted Chicken with Cola at 4.90 SGD per person.   

We were to stay in Cozy Corner Backpacker’s Guesthouse in Bugis Junction. This hostel is cheap in Singapore’s sense and is easily accessible  It is just about a five-minute walk from Bugis MRT station and right across InterContinental Singapore.  

Hawkers’ stands/cheap restaurants are abound at the street adjacent to this hotel and at the ground floor of this building.  Some are open 24 hours daily.  Meals (drinks not included) start for as low as 3.50 SGD per person

Cozy Corner Backpacker’s Guesthouse is one of the cheapest hostels in the area. Since the cost of living allowance in this tiny country is a bit expensive for her Peso counterpart, we opted to stay in their 6-bed dormitory (double decks), air-conditioned room, with big lockers free of charge for guests to use located inside the room. We paid 72 SGD in advance for two nights for both of us.

Contact information:
Website:         www.cozycornerguest.com
E:mail:            happyjohn@cozycornerguest.com

Dormitory Rates:
6-bed dormitory (mixed): 18 SGD per night per person

They offer free use of Internet from morning (I forgot the actual time) until 1 AM. There are three stations guests can use. Just be patient in falling in line as guests wait patiently for their turn specially at night. The hostel also offers complimentary breakfast. Though please do not expect a hearty meal. Free breakfast consist of toasted bread, spread (margarine or jam) and coffee. Breakfast is not served restaurant-style. You have to fend for yourself.  

This is my favorite candid shot of the day! 

After checking in and freshening up, we wasted no time and of we went to Merlion Park where we also had a great view of Singapore Kris Flyer, Marina Sands Bay etc. and the surrounding city scape.

Singapore National Library

Merlion Statue with several skyscrapers at the background

Singapore skyline at night

Marina Sands Bay

We spent the rest of our afternoon until early evening in this area. We relaxed by people-watching and sitting on the sidelines. We chatted a bit and I often went silent as I watched those people from different walks of life. I would muse what sent them to Singapore. Where are they off to next? What caught our interest the most was this couple seeming to have their engagement session right there at the park! My friend was able to take a shot of them.  🙂

This couple were having their engagement session shoot right at the park
photo by Chie

We waited until dusk settled around us. We headed back to Raffles Place to take the MRT ride back to the hostel. We capped the day by spending some time with our dorm mates before calling it a night.

Due to our earlier mishaps, we were unable to take our breakfast as planned at the airport. We arrived at the hostel at around 4 PM, had our heavy lunch at past 4 PM. One meal on our first day. Yay! We no longer took our dinner.


Day 1 Itinerary and Expenses

On the way to NAIA 3

P 58     – Bus fare from Balibago Complex, Sta. Rosa to LRT Buendia
P 110   – Taxi fare per person (base fare, tip and Skyway Toll Fee P20)
P 1620 – Travel tax
P 550   – Terminal feeSub-total:  P 2338

Checked in at Cozy Corner Guesthouse

SGD 36 – Two persons, 3 days 2 nights, mixed-bed airconditioned dormitory

SGD 2.00  – Changi Airport to Bugis MRT Station

SGD 4.90 – Lunch

Merlion Park | Marina Sands Bay | Krisflyer | Singapore Skyline
SGD 1.10 – Bugis MRT STation to Raffles Place StationBack to Hostel
SGD 1.10 – Raffles Place Station to Bugis MRT STation
Sub-total: SGD 41.10 or P 1387.19

Total: P 3725.19

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